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Daycare Cots

At School Outlet, we provide all kinds of classroom furniture to enhance your students’ academic experience. We believe the right kind of desk, chair, and equipment can facilitate learning processes and make school pleasant.

Looking for toddler cots for your preschool or daycare? Our selection of daycare cots are sturdy enough for kids up to six years old. You’ll find daycare cots, cot sheets, cot blankets, and accessories sure to keep your little ones comfy during quiet time.

Sleeping Cots For Preschoolers

Rest cots also known as sleeping cots, provide your young students with the support they need for nap time. Sleeping cots are the most sanitary and convenient option to guarantee your students’ health and well being. Since our cots have legs, they are elevated from the floor free from germs and bacteria that can affect children’s immune system.

Kids Standard Assembled Stackable Kiddie Cot – Blue – 5 Pack

If you have a daycare center we recommend investing in kiddie cots for your students to rest during quiet time or nap time. Our kiddie cots come assembled and you can stack them up when no longer in use due to the sockets on each corner.

Sleeping cots are easy to clean, they are made from heavy-duty plastic so you can simply wipe it down with antibacterial cloths and you will be good to go. These sleeping cots come in a blue color and standard size suitable for ages 3-6.

Kids Stackable Kiddie Cot – Pack of 6 Cots – Ready to Assemble

This kiddie cot pack comes in Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, and Beige. Having various kiddie cots in multiple colors can stimulate young children’s brains for development and can make your preschool or daycare look inviting and fun for kids.

The benefits of opting for a sleeping cot rather than a sleeping mat is that you provide kids with their personal space which guarantees their comfort and safety. This sleeping cot’s mesh fabric is machine washable and easy to assemble. No tools necessary!

Want your students to be warm during naptime? Browse our selection of Kiddie Kot Blankets here.

Get Your Daycare Cots At School Outlet!

School Outlet makes learning fun. With our kiddie cots, naptime will be your students’ favorite time of the day. They are easy to assemble, you can stack them up to optimize classroom space and you can also attach wheels to them if you would like.

Whether you are considering purchasing a sleeping cot from ECR4Kids, Mahar, or Angeles you can’t go wrong! All of the brands we carry are committed to manufacturing high-quality and safe products for children. Your students will love these cots and look forward to quiet time due to their comfort and enjoyable colors.

We understand it can get difficult to choose the perfect cot for your preschool and daycare. We want to simplify this process for you, contact us if you have any questions or need help finding the best-suited cot for your school. Our customer service team is patiently waiting to assist you.