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Fabric Padded Folding Chairs

At School Outlet, we offer all varieties of classroom furniture so that you can seat your students and teachers and provide them with all the tools necessary in order to create a constructive learning environment.

Upholstered folding chairs can be used for a variety of occasions making them very popular in the realm of academia. Due to their folding feature, they are easy to store and easy to pull out to accommodate visitors or new students. Explore our curated list of metal folding chairs below.

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Virco 168 - Premium Steel Folding Chair with Vinyl Upholstered Seat and Back  (Virco 168) NPS Vinyl Upholstered Premium Folding Chair  (National Public Seating NPS-1200) NPS Vinyl Upholstered Premium Folding Chair  Triple Brace Double Hinge  (National Public Seating NPS-1300)
NPS 900 Series Steel Folding Chair  (NPS Commercial Line NPS-900) NPS 950 Series Vinyl Upholstered Folding Chair  (NPS Commercial Line NPS-950) NPS Airflex Series Premium Polypropylene Folding Chair (National Public Seating NPS-1410)
NPS 970 Series Fabric Padded Folding Chair  (NPS Commercial Line NPS-970)

Folding Chairs For School Assemblies

Virco 168 Premium Steel Folding Chair with Vinyl Upholstered Seat and Back

This folding chair will provide comfort and ease when you sit for extended periods of time due to the fabric padding on the seat and back. This Virco 168 chair model has a U-shaped leg braces in the front and back for stability. This folding chair is available in two color options including, silver mist and mocha brown.

National Public Seating Vinyl Upholstered Premium Folding Chair

This premium folding chair is double-hinged and triple braced for added strength, stability and security. It is available in four color combinations including, Beige, Black, Blue, and Gray. A folding chair like this one comes in handy for school assemblies, special events such as an award ceremony, graduations, and school ceremonies. Keep a set in your classroom closet for when the principle comes into your classroom to supervise or for when special guests and visitors are touring the school.

National Public Seating Airflex Series Premium Polypropylene Folding Chair

The air flex by National Public Seating is our most convenient seating option. It folds easily and is very lightweight making it undemanding for students of all ages to retrieve it and put it away for storage. You can arrange rows of this air flex for school assemblies and fold them and stack them up to optimize storage space.

Comfortable Seating Options At School Outlet

At School Outlet, all of our folding chairs are highly adaptable and versatile, you can use them for school assemblies, to accommodate visitors and new students in the classroom or for sitting at the dining table in the teacher’s lounge.

Our mission is to create productive learning environments by supplying you with classroom furniture so your students and teachers can be comfortable enough to work to their fullest potential. We offer everything from cafeteria & dining room tables, desks, cribs, dry erase & chalkboards, and science & lab furniture.

If you have any questions, comments, or wondering about free shipping, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact us and our friendly customer service representatives will assist you.