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Top 3 Best Floor Scrubbers for VCT Floors

Vinyl coated tile (VCT) is an innovative floor type. They are scratch-resistant, easy to maintain, and inexpensive compared to the alternatives. It’s no surprise that many storefronts and workspaces use the tiles.

Even so, you cannot just place down VCT in your retail space or warehouse and expect that the floor will remain free of foot traffic grime. You must have floor scrubbers in place to assist with a regular routine. We recommend the top three for you.

Best Scrubbers For Your Tiled Floors

The Refurbished Advance Convertamatic 26″ Scrubber is very easy to operate and handles VCT with ease. The Convertamatic uses a 24-volt battery system and changeable scrub heads so that you can adapt the cleaning routine. Take advantage of the self-propelled nature. Use the battery charger to recharge as you need.

If you prefer a riding machine, the Tennant T7 Riding Floor Scrubber is another good choice. Tennant is a brand that combines innovation with the needs of the modern workplace and ecological awareness. Ride to reduce operator fatigue and handle large floor spaces, with the easily maneuverable controls, low learning curve and the design optimized for rider comfort.

A good walk-behind is the Advance SC 900 34″ because it can cover 34,000 square feet with dual tanks. Adjust the pressure as much as you need to, especially when cleaning hard-to-reach spaces. One holds the cleaning solution and the other will suck up the dirty water separately. Use the thirty-gallon solution tank and thirty-two-gallon recovery tank in tandem, to get that maximum scrub.

Taking Care Of Vinyl Tiled Floors

Vinyl is a durable material that needs conscientious care. Due to how long it can last, you may find it easy to neglect a regular routine. Yet you need to implement one that will increase the floor’s shelf life in the long term.

Set up a daily routine for scrubbing the tiles, ideally with an auto scrubber, and plan to polish on a regular basis. Floor polish adds a protective layer.

When cleaning, ensure that you have mopped up all of the residues from the solution tank. This residue is likely to wear down the floor if you do not remove it, and the shelf life will be significantly reduced. Make sure that the cleaning solution itself has neutral chemicals and can be paired with a long-lasting finish.

You want to use color-coded pads rather than scrub brushes. Avoid brown ones because they will wear down the floor, but use black occasionally when you want to scrub deeply. Red pads are best for light scrubbing, while green and blue are best for in between.

Find Your Power Scrubber At PS Janitorial

PS Janitorial wants to keep your tile and concrete floors clean. We sell all sorts of floor machines and refurbish discontinued models so as to give you a better deal on scrubbers that deserve better. Our experts will make recommendations on which floor cleaners and buffers will give you the desired shine.

Reach out to us today to get started. PS Janitorial wants to get your floors clean, from ceramic tiles to vinyl to concrete. You can trust us to know how to take care of your solid floor types.