3 Innovative Classroom Desk Arrangements For High Schools

Classroom management is essential for an organized and productive classroom. Depending on the lesson plans, learning environment and seating arrangement your students can either have a positive learning experience or a negative one. We have created this desk arrangement plan to guide you in what we consider to be an optimal classroom arrangement designed for both the teacher and the students success.

Desk Arrangements For Talkative Students

Students that are very social will probably do great networking which is key, later in life when they must embark on their new careers, but will not so great in the classroom. This is because socializing can be distracting and get in the way of focusing and learning the material.

If your classroom has multiple talkative students we recommend arranging your desks individually and in rows. We recommend the following desks for this kind of seating arrangement:

Placing the social students in front of the room where you can supervise them will also improve their ability to focus and diminish their desire to converse. We also recommend seating the more quiet students to be seated between the talkative students.

Classroom Desk Arrangements For 32 Or More Students

If you have a large classroom with 32 or more students we recommend the following student desk:

Two Pupil Desks

With this kind of desk, you can sit up to two students per desk. Acquire a total of sixteen of these desks and separate them creating two islands each composed of a total of eight desks.

Place two desks facing each other to create two rows of four desks. Additional students can sit on either side of the island.

Collaborative Classroom Desk Configurations for Small Rooms

Cooperative Learning Desks

The trapezoid shape of these desks allows you to arrange them in a way that inspires group work. You can arrange eight of them side by side and create an octagon shape. This allows students to see each other face to face, which encourages them to communicate for group projects or collaborative learning in general. You can also do a grouping of six desks for small groups.

Economy Shapes Desk

The economy shapes desk is a versatile seating option. You can sit individual students in rows or combine them by arranging them side by side for collaborative work. The curve on the side of the desks allows you to easily slide them onto each other for a smooth surface.

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