Our Air Purifiers are Proudly Designed, Developed, Engineered and Certified in the USA

Finding the Best Air Purification Solution for Your School

Aurabeat Technologies has a range of products from HVAC installed to portable, allowing each school to customize a system to their specific needs.

Scrubs Covid-19 and other Viruses

Reduced 99.99% of airbborne Covid-19 and other viruses in a 1,078 sq. ft. room in 30 minutes or less.

Sized Right for the Job

Weighs just 19.2 lbs and is sized right at 15.4" x 8.3" x 24.7" and runs quiet.

Plug-in and Go!

Simple to use...just plug in and turn on. Extremely low noise levels allow air to be purified all day while in class.

Sanitizes Surfaces

One of the only FDA Approved Class II Medical Device with an HEPA H12 Grade Filter.

Better than HEPA Filtration Systems

HEPA filters capture the virus in a filter. But Aurabeat AG+ systems kill viruses, bacteria, allergens and odors.

Minimal Maintenance

Maintenance of Aurabeat Technology units is minimal. There is no risk of recontamination or cross-contamination when cleaning the unit.

The Only Technology Available in Products Proven to Reduce COVID-19 on Both Surfaces and In the Air

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Aurabeat Technology is Trusted

Only Aurabeat Technology can provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing your staff members, facility and students are breathing the safest air available in any indoor environment.


Agape Montessori Christian Academy


Berlin Middle & High Schools


Bishop Guertin High School


Bright & Early Children’s Learning Centers

Bristol Virginia Public Schools

Bristol Virginia Public Schools

Coronado Prep Preschool

Coronado Prep Preschool

And Hundreds More