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6 Must-Have ECR4Kids Furniture Pieces for Preschool Classes6 Must-Have ECR4Kids Furniture Pieces for Preschool Classes

Everything preschool furniture should be is in the name of ECR4Kids: easier for kids.

Instead of full-sized student desks and chairs in preschool classrooms, you will generally find small desks and chairs, in addition to play sets, tumbling mats, bookshelves, foam blocks, and more play-based classroom items.

Here are 6 ECR4Kids furniture pieces every preschool classroom would benefit from having:

1. Bins, Trays, Tubs & Lids

There are usually a lot of small items in preschool classrooms that need to be kept organized. Whether it’s markers, crayons, stickers, craft supplies, etc., it’s never a smart idea to leave these loose items out in the open.

That’s why bins, trays, tubs, and lids are handy: they give every small item a place to be and make it easier to keep your classroom tidy and uncluttered. Take a look at ECR4Kids Stack & Store Tubs today!

2. Lockers and Storage Cubbies

If you buy the bins, then you’re definitely going to need a place to keep them. Take a look at ECR4Kids Fold & Lock Storage Cabinets and Corner Storage Cabinets, which fit the ECR4Kids bins, trays, and tubs. ECR4Kids also makes cubbies and storage lockers that can be used as storage for kids’ belongings or storage using bins.

3. Climb and Soft Play

Preschool kids love to play. Add some fun to your preschool classroom with ECR4Kids items like “Gus” the Climb-N-Crawl Caterpillar or Phanty the Pic-N-Rock Crustacean.

Also, what’s a preschool without a playhouse? Take a look at ECR4Kids Country Estate or Wilderness Log Cabin House, and then consider adding a kitchen set or a full washer and dryer.

ECR4Kids carries a number of SoftZone play sets, like the Tunnel Maze and the Wheel.

4. Kitchenettes and Dramatic Play

What’s a kid’s favorite thing to do when he or she is little? Well, for many kids, it’s to play house. For whatever reason, kids love to imitate the adults around them by cooking fake food and washing laundry that isn’t really there.

Feed into the imaginations of your preschool students’ by investing in kitchen sets or washer and dryer sets. ECR4Kids supplies kitchenettes and puppet theaters by Colorful Essentials and Birch.

5. Easels

Another favorite pastime of small children is to paint! ECR4Kids supplies 2 and 4 station art easels, in addition to dry erase boards and scissor caddies.

Pro tip #1: To avoid paint messes in your preschool classroom, try giving your students water and colored paper. Sometimes it’s just as fun!

6. Book Shelves

What would a preschool classroom be without books? Hello, story time.

Check out ECR4Kids’ selection of one-sided book displays today. Kids can easily pick which picture book they’d like to look at or have their teachers read.

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