Outdoor School Furniture

Outdoor school furniture can brighten up any academic space. While high academic standards necessitate studying indoors, having designated outdoor areas can assist learning at all age levels. Such furniture can pair well with bike racks and playgrounds, to add a level of fun and practicality.

Primarily, outdoor furniture needs to be durable, weather-resistant, and safe for children. For preschool and primary education, brighter colors can make a difference for atmosphere and mood. You also want to factor hygiene and cleanliness, as well as portability. Are you ready to set up and take down a bench or table in the case of bad weather or holidays? Knowing that can inform your purchase.

Outdoor Furniture Categories For Schools

Browse our selection of furniture meant for school yards, courts, and other outdoor areas. Consider what your campus needs for different activities like sports games, PE, and rallies. Also dont forget to conduct a tally of what items need replacement for the new school year, or between terms.

Outdoor Picnic Tables

Picnic tables need to be portable and comfortable. Students and teachers enjoy the opportunity to sit outside comfortably. They also want furniture that is durable, and abides by ergonomic principles.

The UltraPlay 4′ Portable Rectangular Preschool Kids Picnic Table is both designed for fun and functionality. We consider it the strongest preschool table available, that can withstand the elements and toddler energy. Stainless steel frames promise high durability while a thermoplastic coating reinforces the surfaces against wear and tear.

With at least each bench color, two patterns and six frame options, you can get a creative design for younger classes. Rolled edges add to a refined air of elegance and whimsy.


Are kids ready to sit outside for a nice lunch, or to hear a guest speaker present on science? Benches can provide that physical stability and lumbar support. They can also space out people and give them moments for privacy.

The UltraPlay Recycled Outdoor Plastic Bench with 2 Planters turns any sitting area into a green paradise. With some assembly, you can plant some nice trees, bushes or flower patches that can provide shade in a hot area.

Planters And Plant Boxes

Gardening provides healthy physical activity for both students and teachers, and plenty of flora that can brighten a campus. For schools that want colorful landscaping, such planters and plant boxes can add emotional health and aesthetics.

If you want long-lasting planters for trees and bushes, consider the Pressure Treated Round Outdoor Planter 26.75″ Round x 18″. This portable planter transports anywhere once assembled, making landscaping and gardening easy in any academic space. It has zinc-plated hardware and mounting hardware.

Find Your Outdoor Tables And Benches At School Outlet

School Outlet wants to ensure that outdoor activities are safe for kids and teachers alike. We carry the best brands for any academic institution, to ensure that you are prepared for making any landscaping look nice.

To find out more about our customer service options, please reach out to us today. Let School Outlet make your outdoor areas look beautiful for students, teachers, and guests to any campus.