School Trophy Cases

At School Outlet, we proudly sell display cases so that you can show off the best to your students. You can mount all of the prizes that you and your students win over the years, and inspire future generations to take note. The glass will protect every object from wandering hands and natural elements, while the structure will last for years.

Only The Best Trophy Cases For Schools

When we think of schools, we remember the smell of disinfectant and strawberry air freshener. The display cases are often status symbols for alumni and parents, who often want to remember their accomplishments from when they were children. We see this in pop culture, even as the decades roll past and dry-erase boards replace chalkboards on television.

When your students win awards and prizes, you want a permanent place for their trophies and plaques. Especially when they win an important tournament, that means they have represented their alma mater with honor. Whats more, you want to remember their good deeds and teamwork, especially if they compete nationally.

The Importance Of Recognition

What do awards do? They affirm students skills and their dedication to hard work. Given how growing up is an arduous process, and how the world is more complicated than it first appears, we want to affirm that our kids are doing all right.

You also teach them to persevere and give them a place for their accomplishments. The older you get, the harder it can be to keep a trophy that you won in a baking competition.

When a student wins a trophy, they get a solid and tactile affirmation of their success. Earning one is not easy when one kid competes against dozens.

They bring pride to their school, to their teachers, and to you, the administrators. You want to memorialize that pride. And for that reason, we recommend having a trophy case.

Display Cases

What if you want to preserve historical pieces from your schools legacy? Some primary and secondary institutions date back to the 1930s. While we can keep the books from those time periods in school, photographs and spears from fishing may be entirely different. Youd rather keep those old items behind thick glass, to impress new students and parents who want their children to have a meaningful education.

You may also want to keep art thats on loan, or projects from alumni that have gone on to build memorable careers. If you have portraits and sculptures safe from curious fingers and fingerprints, then youll want to display these items with reason.

What if you just want to show off the latest ceramics from certain art classes? You dont want to put them in a place where they can fall or get knocked down by accident. Display cases can also work for that! When projects are finished, lock them in securely for classmates to see.

Shop for Trophy Cases Worthy of Student Accolades

Finding the right cases to showcase awards and achievements requires variety and versatility. If you have a larger space, the best option would be the Waddell Floor Display Cases. This is a heavy duty product that features tempered glass paneling and steel shelving hardware.

You may want to consider hanging your students trophies up on the wall. For a smaller and snug space, the Waddell Champion Wall-Mount Display Cases is a perfect fit. What makes this series so popular is the options available with its height and width.

Maybe you have some special items or cherished memories you want to share with others. You would need more of a wall display case that can enhance the items within it. Check out the Waddell Speciality Memento Wall Display Case to make your heirlooms stand out.

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