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Best School Desks for High School StudentsBest School Desks for High School Students

A student’s high school years mark a significant time in their educational life, preparing them for the world of higher education. So it goes without saying that it’s imperative for a school to emphasize the comfort of its classrooms to help ascertain a more productive learning experience.

Paying attention to convenience can be related to everything from ensuring that each classroom is equipped with the right teaching items to having enough space for movement. At School Outlet, you’ll find all the necessary furniture essentials for high school students, including various seating products, tables and desks.

Ergonomic Designs

Whether you’re looking for combo desks or single open-front options, School Outlet carries a large assortment of desks that are practical for any high school classroom. Suitable for different body types, each desk provides the necessary flexibility for students to maintain their concentration, rather than getting distracted by discomfort.

Here are some of the practical desk design alternatives you’ll find at School Outlet:

  • Virco Lift Lid Desks – The 751 Series minimizes classroom disruptions with a desk that features rubber bumpers that protect the lift-lid to reduce classroom noise. For example, with the 751MBB model, sturdy steel hinges and a tubular steel frame offer a robust construction accompanied by nylon-based swivel glides that can be adjusted for proper leveling.

  • Virco Combo Desks – Combo desks are great for having an all-in-one chair and desk alternative. Some models like the Virco 9400BR and 3400BR come with an underseat steel rod bookrack to facilitate storing study materials and keeping passageways clear of clutter. The laminated study tops make for a durable and easy-to-clean structure, as well.

  • Virco Open Front School Desks – A high-pressure laminate top is also featured on models like the Virco 785 model. It can be adjusted to open without rattling. Level operation is guaranteed on uneven floors. Students can place the materials they’ll use on the top of the desk while storing those they’ll use another time.

  • Virco and National Public Seating Chair Desks – Featuring arm rests and underseat bookracks, these quality desks can be customized to suit the interior design of any setting. You can choose from an array of colors for the chairs, desk tops and frame on several models such as the Virco 9700BR and the Virco 3700BR. The flexible build allows for easily moving the desks from one place to another.

  • Virco Study Desks – Choose from various models including the Virco ZADJ2026BOXM. Featuring backpack holders and a 4-leg adjustable height accommodation, these spacious study desks are resistant to chipping and staining, which ultimately makes for a longer lifespan. We also hold certified ADA student desks that meet federal standards.

Contact School Outlet

At School Outlet, we believe you shouldn’t have to compromise quality for an affordable price. Partnering with some of the most renowned brands in the industry has allowed us to build a top-notch inventory of school furniture that can meet the needs of any institution.

Our diverse desk categories are suitable for a myriad of high school environments. If you need any assistance with getting more details about our products, call School Outlet today, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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Virco 9700BR - Tablet Arm Chair Desk with 18" Seat, 12" x 20" x 25" Laminate Top, bookrack  (Virco 9700BR) Virco 9400BR - Combo Desk with 18" Seat, 18" x 24" High-Pressure Laminate Top w/ Bookrack (Virco 9400BR)
When economics are an issue, this Chair Desk can offer Virco durability and comfort while giving cost-saving solutions. The 9700BRM has a tied-in arm welded to the back support for added strength. The underseat steel-rod bookrack is standard on all Chair Desk models. A popular Virco item: Part of the 9000 Classic Series Chair Desks, the Best-Selling 9400BR offers a hard-working high pressure laminate study top.  The underseat steel-rod bookrack is standard on all Chair Desk models.  A great value for both a student desk and a chair.  Good for grades 4 to adult.