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Best Wholesale Classroom Desks for Elementary SchoolsBest Wholesale Classroom Desks for Elementary Schools

Students depend on a comfortable school environment to get the most out of their classroom lessons and exams. The type of furniture used in each classroom has a major impact on the productivity level of students and their professors.

From comfortable seats that offer enough support, to desks that can store study materials, students can rely on such features to ease their educational experiences. School Outlet is the one-stop spot for finding the perfect desks for elementary schools.

All-Inclusive Quality

In order to find the perfect desks for your school, you should look for attributes like sturdiness, durability and adjustability. Since all of the desks at School Outlet are composed of quality materials, they’re highly robust and long lasting.

Most of the desks at School Outlet come with adjustable legs to accommodate different heights. Desk tops are covered with protective lamination that’s resistant to scratching. It can also be cleaned with ease. The lightweight nature of the desks simplifies movement, which in turn eases regular classroom maintenance as well as group activities.

A Practical Combination

We carry a range of desk designs that are suitable for various classroom types and décor themes. Here are some of School Outlet’s most practical alternatives for elementary schools:

  • Open Front School Desks – The Virco 785 desk features a particle-board top that can adjust from 22” to 30”. Among our other open front desks, these models help reduce rattling and noises in classrooms, while providing an easy-to-access book box. Swivel glides assure easier operation on all floor levels.

  • Combo Desks – The Virco Zuma combo desks and the Virco Sage combo desks are prime examples of what flexibility should look like. You won’t have to worry about looking for matching chairs with these particular desks that boast a hard plastic desk top and a solid frame with a spacious workspace. The extra bookrack allows for keeping books out of passageways.

  • Lift Lid Desks – the Virco 751MBB student desk with lift lid is a highly popular pick among various schools thanks to its quiet operation and durable construction. Along with other lift lid desks, these reliable options come with bumper cushions to reduce classroom disruptions and the table top colors can be customized to fit various settings.
  • Chair Desks – Another emblem of practicality, these desks feature an armrest for added support, and some come with bookracks, as well. The Virco 9700BR has a proven track record of being the best selling educational chair series in the US. Featuring a great value as well as a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty, this desk also comes with added frame support.

Contact School Outlet Today

School Outlet has partnered with some of the most renowned brands in the school furniture industry to guarantee a varied high quality assortment. We offer all of our products at competitive prices and make sure they’re delivered in excellent condition in a timely manner.

To learn more about our large assortment of school desks and products, call School Outlet today.

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Virco 751MBB - Student Desk with Lift Lid and Metal Book Box, 18" x 24" Top  (Virco 751MBB)
Need quiet? One of Virco's most popular items, the 751MBB Lift-Lid Student Desk will answer your prayers. The rubber bumpers and dual closing devices ensure smooth and quiet operation.  This economical model features a tubular steel frame and a 5" deep metal book box topped by high-pressure laminate work surface.