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Buy Style Seating For Your School at Wholesale Prices

You send a number of subtle messages every time you furnish a room, particularly if it is for an academic or educational facility. While many education professionals struggle with budgets, let’s be honest: if you were to stock your rooms with haphazard, mismatched and inappropriately styled furniture, it would send the wrong message to students and parents. Whether you are a public or private school, a high school, tech academy, arts institution, or college, you need clean, ergonomic and reliable style seating at wholesale prices to accommodate your students. Let’s take a look a few popular options.

Simple and Stylish: IQ Series Stylish 4-Legged Ergonomic, Wide-Seat Chair

This Virco I.Q. series offers, designed by industrial design legend Richard Holbrook, this chair is ideal of learning environments ranging from simple elementary schools to sophisticated college classrooms. It’s simple shape makes it work well in a variety of contexts and architectural settings. The back features contoured lumbar support and a concave, broad seat with a waterfall front for increased comfort and support. The stackable design makes it easy to store and transport.

Storage in Style: Arm Chair Desk with 18" Hard Plastic Seat, Hard Plastic Top & Bookrack

This chair is designed to save space while keeping your room in style. It should last a while thanks to a scratch-resistant surface. It makes laying out your classroom efficiently a fun and easy task thanks to offering every student a place to store books or perhaps small, simple projects of some kind.

Classic and Functional: The Virco Chair and Desk Combo Desk

The reason this chair is so popular is because it has served as a simple study solution in classrooms all over America and the the rest of the world. It is one of the best-selling chairs thanks to its durable, particle board, reliable desk and its sturdy steel rod book rack for easy storage, and a safe way to keep backpacks out of the way of a teacher walking up and down the isles. Another positive point about this desk is versatility. It can work for grades 4 all the way to young adult students.

Ease-of-Entry Offered With Stylish and Reliable Sled-Like Design

This chair/desk is a strong performer in the dimensions of both comfort and style. Its sled-like design is ideal for narrow classrooms where people need to scoot into their desks with ease. You can also store books, supplies and materials in the basket below the seat.

How to Learn More About Getting Stylish, Wholesale Seating for Classrooms of All Levels

One of the best way to make sure students are productive and engaged is to make sure they have an environment that supports their learning aims. When you have these stylish, coherent and effective furniture pieces in your classroom, you have lain the groundwork for future success for teachers and students alike. To learn more about these options and others, contact School Outlet online, or call us at (877) 398-6449.

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Virco 264517 - IQ Series Stylish 4-Legged Ergonomic Chair, Wide Seat - 17.5" Seat Height  (Virco 264517) Virco 264517 - IQ Series Stylish 4-Legged Ergonomic Chair, Wide Seat - 17.5" Seat Height
(Virco 264517)

Designed by Richard Holbrook, this Virco I.Q. series offers smart seating solutions for today's learning environments. The four-legged 264517 features contoured lumbar support and a wide concave seat with waterfall front to deliver long-lasting comfort. In addition, for added convenience, this sleek chair is also stackable! This height ideal for upper grades.

SchoolOutlet Price: $163.85
Virco 9640BR - Sled Based Combo Desk with 18" Seat, 18" x 24" Laminate Top, bookrack  (Virco 9640BR) Virco 9640BR - Sled Based Combo Desk with 18" Seat, 18" x 24" Laminate Top, bookrack
(Virco 9640BR)

Convenience and comfort are this Chair Desk's claim to fame: Part of the 9000 Classic Series Chair Desks, the 9640BR offers a sled-based design recommended for carpeted surfaces but provides easy access on both sides of the unit. The underseat steel-rod bookrack is standard on all Chair Desk models.

SchoolOutlet Price: $302.85
Virco 9400BR Series Combo Chair Desk - 18” Seat Height - 9400BR-ASAP Virco 9400BR Classroom Combination Desk with Chair for Schools, 5th Grade - Adult Students - Combo Desk

A popular Virco item: the Best-Selling 99400BR desk offers a hard-working high pressure laminate study top.

SchoolOutlet Price: $220.77