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Cafeteria Tables And School Lunch Tables

  • Bench Style Seating

    Bench Cafeteria Tables

    Lunch is an important part of the school day. Students use this time to nourish themselves so they can stay focused and productive the rest of the day, and it provides essential socialization time with friends. Whether you work at an elementary school or a high school, bench style seating is important for encouraging this socialization. At School Outlet, we don’t just help you design classrooms–we also help you outfit other important areas of your school like the cafeteria. We carry a wide selection of bench cafeteria tables in different sizes and shapes to fit the size of your cafeteria and the students who use it.

  • Stool Style Seating

    Cafeteria tables with stool seating are the best option for dining in school during the pandemic. Unlike regular bench tables, the stools provide more personal space for students to sit and dine comfortably without having to worry about whether or not they are properly social distancing.

School Cafeteria and Lunchroom Tables

Searching for the right lunchroom or cafeteria tables doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether you’re looking for bench tables, stool tables, convertible tables, or cafe style tables you’ll find the right cafeteria or lunchroom tables for your school here.

With a variety of sizes and styles, there are options available for any school cafeteria. Choose from our selection of school cafeteria furniture and lunchroom tables from leading school furniture manufacturers like Virco, National Public Seating, and Midwest Folding Products.

Folding Mobile Lunch Tables for Schools

Folding mobile cafeteria tables have extra features that make set up, cleaning and transportation simple; plus, they’re easier to get into and out of than regular cafeteria tables. At School Outlet we carry folding cafeteria tables with extra safety features as well as color options and various heights and sizes.

Folding lunch tables with attached stools are available as well as lunch tables with attached benches. If bench style tables aren’t what you need, we also offer a selection of round or square cafe tables with adjustable height options available.

Bench and seat heights are available from 13″ to 17″ for younger children to adults. Not quite sure which type is best for your school? Let us know. We can help.

Cafeteria Tables from Top School Furniture Brands

At School Outlet, we carry the most trusted brands in school furniture available. Brands like Virco and National Public Seating deliver top-quality furniture that exceeds expectations.

For school cafeterias that need to utilize cafeteria space outside of lunchtime, the Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table by Virco can make things easier. These lunch tables come with safety features like locking mechanisms to keep the tables securely in place when in use or folded in storage. Choose your desired length and seating height for seating that works for your students.

National Public Seating offers a similar mobile bench cafeteria table, though a rounded version is also available. A heavy-duty steel frame and high-pressure laminate top combined with their newly redesigned storage latch make this table a safe and sturdy option. Available in a variety of color options with a curved frame for ease of access, these tables are great for school lunchrooms.

If you’re searching for pedestal and café tables for your break room instead, check out our selection of pedestal school lunchroom tables. We also offer stackable chairs, perfect for lunchrooms.

Shop Cafeteria Tables and Lunchroom Seating at School Outlet

Dedicated to furnishing your school lunchrooms, science labs, and classrooms with high-quality furniture at affordable prices, School Outlet is here to help every step of the way. Catering to schools from preschool to college and everything in between, we are committed to providing the tools for you to create the perfect learning environment for your students.

Our staff of furniture specialists would love to help by answering any questions or comments you have. You can contact us through our Contact Us page here or through our Live Chat option to speak with a representative. We will be happy to help you select a cafeteria table or school lunchroom table that meets your budget needs!