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Creative Arrangements for Your Preschool Activity TablesCreative Arrangements for Your Preschool Activity Tables

A-B-C, 1, 2, 3… Pre-school is all about fun interactions and engagement for kids ages 3 and 4. If you are searching for the ideal tables to furnish a pre-school classroom or facility, look no further—School Outlet, a virtual school furniture and equipment store, supplies a large collection of adjustable and customizable pre-school activity tables.

School Outlet’s collection of pre-school activity tables includes various table styles, shapes, and sizes. Each table is better suited for certain activities over others; however, there are endless arrangements activity tables can be put into.

For our customers looking to purchase activity tables for pre-school settings, School Outlet has come up with a few creative table arrangements to inspire a fun learning environment for pre-school students.

Different Ways to Use Classic Rectangle Activity Tables

In many pre-school classrooms square and rectangle activity tables are commonly found. This classic style of activity table works well as a make-shift desk setting for young students and allows children to interact with one another easily. Square and rectangle tables are great surfaces for craft projects and other assignments that require a table top.

If you’re looking for a high quality square or rectangle activity table for a pre-school setting, School Outlet has just what you need. Customers can choose from a variety of rectangle activity table sizes. Each rectangle activity table features a tabletop that is 1 1/8-inches thick and made with a particle board core. The tops are made with a high quality high pressure laminate finish, which makes for easy cleaning, and the height of the table legs can be adjusted between 17-inches and 25-inches.

Rectangle and square activity are versatile and work well together. If you’re looking for a unique way to arrange this classic type of activity table, try pushing 2 or more rectangle activity tables together to make a bigger table space. You could also place a rectangle activity table against the wall or put 2 tables perpendicular to on another.

Activity Tables Ideal for Teacher Instruction

Oftentimes in pre-school settings the teacher needs the attention of the entire class so he or she can show students how to do a particular craft or assignment. The Kidney Pre-School Activity Table is the perfect table for teacher instruction. It can be placed anywhere in the room. The teacher simply sits at the space in the middle of the table while the students form a half circle around the outside of the table.

School Outlet also sells Horseshoe Activity Tables, which are great for instruction too.

Add Some Color and Shape: Customize Your Pre-School Activity Tables

School Outlet supplies a variety of activity table shapes. For example, our collection includes tables in the shape of trapezoids, circles, clovers, flowers, octagons, and shamrocks. Many of the various table shapes offered by School Outlet are available in a range of sizes, table top styles, and can have colorful color bands.

The Trapezoid Activity Table, for example, has a color band that can be ordered in 7 different colors. If you want to add some color to your pre-school classroom and create a uniform look, you might like the idea of ordering a table with a colorful band and matching chairs to go with it.

Learn More About School Outlet’s Pre-School Activity Tables

If you would like to learn more about the pre-school activity tables offered by School Outlet, visit our website today. On our website customers can choose between various table styles, sizes, and customizable options. Reach out to School Outlet with any questions or comments by calling 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.

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Virco 483060LO - Rectangular 30" x 60" Color Banded Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Laminate Top, Preschool Height Adjustable Legs  (Virco 483060LO) Virco 4848R - Round 48" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Laminate Top  (Virco 4848R) JON-6246JCP251
Ideal for the Early Childhood classroom, the vibrant Primary Collection line of Virco's 4000 Series Activity Tables will deliver every time. It offers two attractive laminate colored tops and seven fun colored edge bandings.  Match to other colored chairs to create a bright, vibrant classroom environment.  The 482448LO will give a customized low work surface height and ample desk space for the easy learning of ABC's, 1-2-3's, and Finger Painting 101! When you need a four-seater round table, the 4848R is your most ideal choice. In the class or during a training session, this unique seat gives four students seated Bridge style ample space to finish any special project! Jonti-Craft Purpose+ Octagon Table
(Jonti-Craft JON-6246JCP251)
Mahar Octagon Creative Colors Activity Table  (Mahar MHR-48OC)
This durable octagon activity table is perfect for your classroom. The bright high pressure laminate surface comes in your choice of seven finishes and your choice of a ball or a self-leveling glide with matching leg uppers in eleven trims. Moisture will not soak through the surface and the laminate is safe, non-toxic, and stain resistant. Gum and other substances are easily removed and the durable rounded edges eliminate sharp corners.

Fitting Guide: Be sure to buy the appropriate sized chair for your classroom. When in doubt, we recommend going up in size to the larger chair. See our helpful seating guide by clicking on this link.