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Discount Cafeteria Tables for Public SchoolsDiscount Cafeteria Tables for Public Schools

Every school’s cafeteria room should feature quality basics that can cater to everyone from school staff to students. At School Outlet, you’ll find various cafeteria tables of different forms and sizes to suit any school setting, all at affordable prices so you can stay within your budget.

Quality and Versatility at Its Finest

At School Outlet, we carry tables that suit students from an array of grade levels, giving everyone much more flexibility. All of our tables are made using premium quality materials for a long lasting build that’s easy to maintain. Each one is sturdy enough to firmly stand in place.

We’ve partnered with several brands to ensure a large selection of textures and materials. From wood to steel designs, to classic and contemporary models, there’s a style for every setting. Whether you’re looking for a round or rectangular option, each form comes with a high level of versatility.

Most of our lunchroom and cafeteria tables come with the option to choose the top laminate colors as well as the frame and edge shades. You can choose the length, width, and height of the table’s seats to make sure that they cater to any silhouette. You can even choose the table height and number of seats.

Designs Suitable for All Schools

The following are some of the table types you’ll find at School Outlet:

  • Bench style seating
  • Stool style seating
  • Convertible bench seating
  • Mobile tables without seating
  • Cafeteria tables
  • Banquet and hospitality tables

The great part about this quality assortment is that each table can serve several purposes. Meals can be served on a specific selection while other tables are perfect for enjoying those meals.

Along with complementing students and staff during regular lunchtime hours, the cafeteria tables at School Outlet are also perfect for accommodating school functions. Mobile tables are especially easy to navigate from one area to another, making it easy to make the most out of the available floor space.

Their maneuverable nature also facilitates cleaning processes. The Virco Bench Style Mobile Cafeteria Tables, for example, are great for easy movement as well as for increasing seat capacity for maximum comfort. For single standing tables, you can choose from models like Virco’s Café Tops, Amtab’s Round Pedestal Cafe Table and many more.

The AmTab Convertible Bench Tables work as single units ideal for eating or even studying. They can be turned into a convertible bench with a supportive back, making them ideal for meetings. When two units are placed together, they’ll function as a full cafeteria table. They also come with vinyl banding to protect the table edges.

Call School Outlet Today

We’ve been working with various brands to ensure a quality assortment for our customers, all at affordable prices. With our table selection, every cafeteria can boast a charming appeal—one that’s comfortable and easy to maneuver around.

To learn more about our school cafeteria tables, contact School Outlet today. Our team of skilled professionals will be happy to help you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Virco MTS17291212 - Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table 27"H x 30"W x 12"Long, 17" high Stools with 12 Stools  (Virco MTS17291212) Virco MTB152712 - Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table 15"H x 12"L Bench, 27"H x30"W x 12"L  (Virco MTB152712) Virco MTB172912 - Mobile Bench Cafeteria Table 17"H x 12"L Bench, 29"H x30"W x 12"L  (Virco MTB172912)
17" seat height, ideal for grades 5 - Adult
Seats 12
15" seat height, ideal for grades K-4
Seats 12-16
17" seat height, ideal for grades 5 - Adult
Seats 12-16
Virco MTS17291212-ASAP - Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table 27"H x 30"W x 12"Long, 17" high Stools with 12 Stools  (Virco MTS17291212-ASAP)
17" seat height, ideal for grades 5 - Adult
Seats 12