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Keeping Your School Tech-Ready with Luxor Tablet and Laptop Charging CartsKeeping Your School Tech-Ready with Luxor Tablet and Laptop Charging Carts

In modern day classrooms just one computer can typically be found: the teacher’s. That one computer is most likely connected to a projector or smart board so the teacher can utilize current technology to teach a progressive and tech-savvy class of 21st century students. But let’s be real: one computer isn’t always enough.

Students are often obligated to have their own computers for a variety of high school and college classes. For example, math, statistics, and art courses commonly require students to use individual computers or tablets for particular assignments, testing, and projects. And, depending on the course and coursework, computers and tablets might be needed frequently or just every once in awhile.

Transportable Charging Carts Offer Devices Energy and Security

Fortunately, many schools today possess a number of transportable laptop computers and tablets for students’ use. Some schools provide students with personal laptops or tablets. Other schools have a number of laptops or tablets that can be used on an as-needed basis by students.

Unfortunately, laptops and tablets are unable to charge themselves (yet). Therefore, schools with laptops and tablets require charging carts, which generally secure the devices and make it easy for teachers and students to transport them as well.

School Outlet Supplies a Large Selection of Luxor Charging Carts

All of the charging carts School Outlet supplies feature locking front and rear access doors, electric connectivity capability, interior clips for cord organization, and openings for ventilation. Every cart is entirely constructed from steel and includes 4 casters for easy transport; however, every charging cart our company sells is different in what it can provide purchasers. School Outlet supplies a variety of charging carts capable of accommodating a specific number of computers and tablets.

Luxor 12 Tablet & Chromebook Charging Cart—this Luxor product can accommodate 12 tablets or laptop computers. Locking front and rear access doors are included, as well as electricity and 4 four-inch casters for transport. The maximum capacity of this style is 75-pounds and weight must be evenly distributed.

Luxor LLTM16-B-V2 16 Tablet/Chromebook Computer Charging Cart—the Luxor LLTM16-B-V2 features a bottom compartment that is perfect for storing accessories and equipment. It can charge 16 tablets or laptops at one time.

Do You Have More Than 20 Laptops or Tablets?

School Outlet also sells Luxor Charging Carts capable of charging anywhere from 24 to 48 laptops or computers at one time.

The latest addition to our selection of Luxor Charging Carts is the Luxor LLTM30-B-KP 30 Tablet Charging Cart w/ Keypad Lock. Similar to the other Luxor Charging Carts School Outlet supplies, this particular option offers devices inside security and transportability. It also features a keypad instead of lock-and-key locks! After programming a simple password for entry, users can enter and exit the cart quickly and easily.

Visit School Outlet’s Website to Learn More About the Charging Carts We Sell

In addition to charging carts, School Outlet offers customers endless options of every type of school furniture desired, including: classroom chairs, nursery cribs, chair desks, and tables. Visit our website to view our entire collection of school furniture. Reach out to our team with any questions or comments by calling 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.

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Luxor LOTM16 16 Tablet & Chromebook Open Charging Cart(Luxor LUX-LOTM16) Luxor LLTMW16-G Wall/ Desk Charging Box 16 Tablets/Chromebooks Charging Box(Luxor LUX-LLTMWUSB12-G) Luxor LOTM32 32 Tablet & Chromebook Open Charging Cart(Luxor LUX-LOTM32)
The Luxor LLTM42-B holds and charges 16 iPads, Android Tablets, or laptops. Quickly access your tablets and Chromebooks with Luxor’s first open charging cart. The rolling charging station stores devices while keeping them fully charged and readily available. Luxor's bestselling wall/desk charging station, the LLTMW16-G, is the perfect fit for users who need their devices in one specific and easily accessible location. The fully assembled tablet charging station has a padded interior with rubber-coated dividers, which keeps tables safely in place to avoid any damage or scratching.
Luxor 32-Tablet / Chromebook Open Charging Cart makes an excellent Chromebook charging station or iPad charging cart thanks to an easy-access, grab-and-go design