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Mobile Whiteboards for Schools

School Outlet is happy to sell mobile whiteboards for your school needs. Single and double-sided, with magnetic surfaces and cork for bulletins, we have all sorts. Your classroom will greatly benefit from the variety, and you will get to make informed choices about what tools can aid your lectures.

Why Do Teachers Use Whiteboards?

We all remember that moment. The teacher takes out a marker, uncaps it, and tries to write the plan for the day. Instead of bright letters, a dull line will ensue. So will a scratching noise. Not as bad as nails on chalk, but quite squeaky. Sometimes even the marker tip feels extremely sharp to the touch and dry.

Cue a sigh from the teacher, and need to run to the other classroom for a marker. If a student keeps dry-erase markers in their purse, he or she may lend it out for the occasion. In either case, a classroom always has a marker to use or borrow.

Whiteboards are a useful tool for teaching. They allow any color to stand out. You can use any type of dry-erase marker, and your material will remain legible. Students can quickly take notes or write down their assignments without a problem.

Dry-erase markers are also colorful, impermanent, and easy to clean. All you have to do is grab an eraser, cloth, or even your bare hand. No need to worry about stains getting on clothing, or smudged onto kids’ arms as they lean against the board.

What about when you want to show Powerpoint presentations or lectures without having to write the lot on the board? The whiteboards will also help out with that part, due to every color and image showing up pristinely.

Double-Sided Whiteboards With Stands, Cork Or Magnets

When a whiteboard is mobile, teachers can move them in and out of classrooms for specific purposes. When schools hold math competitions and require students to show their work as they go, as one example, you can move all the boards onto the stage. Thus, having a mobile whiteboard with a wheeled stand can accommodate changing events and classroom needs.

Why are two sides sometimes better than one? Because learning material, especially in the higher grades, can surpass what one whiteboard can hold.

Corkboard sides are good for posting reminders, notices, and events. For classrooms that double as clubrooms, the corks can be used to hold event flyers and notify others about fundraisers. Has a student lost her cellphone, and a teacher didn’t confiscate it? Post it on the corkboard side, and then flip around to the white when the tardy bell rings.

What about magnetic boards? They can serve the same purpose; to allow teachers and students to pin notices to walls.

Find Out From School Outlet

School Outlet wants to keep your classroom equipped for anything, from dry erase boards to other furniture needed for the curriculum.

Contact us today to hear our recommendations on which mobile whiteboard is suitable for your school. We want to help you roll out into the next year with confidence, and with the amenities that allow people to get an education.