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New Research Shows Arts-heavy Preschools Help Children Grow Emotionally

According to new research, low-income kids in an arts-enhanced preschool program have a more positive attitude than their peers. Besides their positive attitudes, researchers find that these children are better able to manage negative emotions. It's important that children learn to master their emotions in order to form healthy relationships and a healthy mindset later in life. These arts-heavy preschools are teaching kids to deal with feelings of sadness, anger, or fear, (subconsciously) with unique preschool programs that integrate art and education.

This special curriculum produced more positive emotions such as interest in activities and learning, happiness, and pride and self-confidence, as well as greater growth in emotional regulation throughout the school year. One study showed that low-income preschool children who attended a preschool arts enrichment program raised their vocabulary scores at three times the rate of their peers enrolled at a traditional preschool. This group of students showed great improvement in the ability to understand and manage uncomfortable feelings, as well as the emotional maturity needed for success in school and later in life. By providing a creative outlet for children, they are able to express themselves freely and understand feelings.

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