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Order Convertible Bench Lunch Tables For After School Centers

Order Convertible Bench Lunch Tables For After School Centers

We all like to eat, but sometimes, and in after-school centers especially, space and cost can be at a premium. A lunch room or cafeteria is usually only used one or two hours of the day, so it's a shame to let all that space and furniture go to waste when it isn't being used.

If you wish to add a little versatility to your cafeteria, meeting area or just about any room, then you can do so by ordering convertible bench lunch tables from the team at School Outlet. A single lunch table can be used as a bench when eating or studying, and then turned into a comfortable bench for assemblies, meetings or just general use.

Here we’ll take a look at three convertible bench lunch tables for after-school centers that are incredibly versatile, and won’t break your budget.

NPS Mobile Convertible Bench

This piece of equipment is a superb addition to any cafeteria or training room and comes with an impressive fifteen-year warranty. It has the capacity for four students and is twelve inches in width and seventeen inches in height. The overall table-top surface is fifteen inches in width and twenty-nine inches in height and has a six-feet width when extended.

The NPS mobile convertible bench can be switched from a comfortable bench to a convenient table with a flat surface for eating or studying easily, and in seconds.

AmTab Mobile Convertible Bench

This all-in-one convertible bench from AmTab has two standard configurations – a single-sided table with bench or a single bench complete with backrest. You can also combine two AmTab mobile convertible benches to create a picnic-table-style, double-side table and bench.

The top of this bench (and therefore table height) is twenty-seven inches with a choice of the standard seventeen-inch bench height or the elementary fifteen-inch bench height. It also comes fitted with four 3” x 1-1/4” inch casters (two locking) to make movement of the bench painless. You can choose the finish of this bench so it matches your internal décor.

Virco Convertible Bench

This multi-functional convertible bench can be configured into a bench and table combination for eating or studying, a bench for simple seating or can be folded away to save space when not required. You can even combine two Virco convertible benches to form a large table complete with picnic-table style seating.

You can convert a meeting area into a cafeteria or study room and back again with ease. The sturdiness of this bench is provided by heavy-gauge tubular steel, complete with steel supports.

We hope that one of these benches will help you to solve your space and functional needs when it comes to your after-school center or any facility where space is at a premium. If you need any more information or would like to consider any additional products from School Outlet, then don’t hesitate to contact us at 877-398-6449 or by using our online contact form.

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Virco MTC8 - Convertible Bench Table  (Virco MTC8) Virco MTC8 - 8 Foot Convertible Bench Table
(Virco MTC8)

The highly versatile Convertible Bench Cafeteria Table can provide lunchroom seating

SchoolOutlet Price: $1,577.85
AmTab Mobile Convertible Bench - 84"L (AmTab AMT-MCB7) AmTab Mobile Convertible Bench - 84"L
(AmTab AMT-MCB7)

AmTab Mobile Convertible Bench - 84"L

SchoolOutlet Price: $1,152.85