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Preschool Activity Tables for Kids Preschool Activity Tables for Kids

Children attending preschool need a safe environment to learn and play in—one that will allow them to easily interact with fellow schoolmates and teachers. By having the right furniture in place, children can move around without any hindrances, while having the support they need to go about their daily activities.

You’ll find various types of quality preschool activity tables, along with a myriad of other furniture pieces, at School Outlet. We’ve partnered with many of the top brands in the market to ensure a large selection of long lasting and practical products made to cater to diverse settings and budgets.

Collaborative Learning Essentials

Choosing activity tables with ample space will allow preschoolers to work with their classmates as a team. School Outlet conveniently offers tables of various sizes to suit children of numerous age groups and rooms of different sizes.

Since all of our tables are made of top-notch materials, they have a sturdy composition, that’s not only durable, but also easy to clean and maintain. When a room needs to be cleaned, it’s also easy to move these tables from one area to another.

You can find everything from laminated tops that prevent warping to rounded tables edges that are safer for kids to be around. Minimalist designs complement a practical build as most tables boast adjustable leg heights, too.

Each table can fit several seats to encourage group activities. In addition to choosing tables of different shapes and sizes, you can opt for ones of different colors to best fit into differing classroom design schemes.

School Outlet’s

Whether you opt for a rectangular, trapezoidal or circular design, among others, at School Outlet, your options really are virtually endless! Here are some of our most popular preschool activity table models:

> School Outlet Kidney Preschool Activity Table Heavy Duty Medium Oak Top – Featuring height adjustable legs, this table’s high-pressure laminate top and backing sheet make a great match for the T-mold banding-protected edges.

> Virco Rectangular Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top – Choose from 7 fun and popular primary colors from the Primary Collection, and you can even pick from different laminate top colors as well as 7 colored edge bandings.

> Virco Clover Activity Table with Heavy Duty Laminate Top – Highlighting another unique design, this original-shaped table facilitates matching with other vibrant chair options for a colorful room.

Selecting the Best Alternatives for Your Preschool

School Outlet’s diverse assortment of tier one quality tables and other school furniture pieces has put us on the map for being the one-stop shop for a variety of educational institutions. All of our products are available at affordable prices and are always shipped in a timely manner.

With so many tables available, we know it can sometimes be difficult to make the optimal choice for your establishment. That’s why the knowledgeable team at School Outlet is always ready and happy to help offer you additional details about our products.

To learn more about our preschool activity tables and how to make an order, contact School Outlet today.

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FZA-483048LO-ASAP  - Rectangular 30" x 60" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Top  (FZA-483048LO-ASAP) FZA-48KID72-ASAP Fuerza 48KID72LO Kidney Preschool Activity Table (48"W x 72"L x 17-25"H) - Light Oak Top FZA-48TRAP60LO-ASAP  - Rectangular 30" x 60" Activity Table, 1 1/8 inch Thick Top  (FZA-48TRAP60LO-ASAP)
The FZA 483048LO activity table comes with a quality backing sheet to keep the table from warping and protect the particle board core. The legs are adjustable so the table height can be set from 17" - 25".

The FZA 48KID72LO activity table, shaped like a kidney, makes it possible for several students to receive attention from a single instructor at the same time. This simple prospect is guaranteed to improve your learning environment.

Getting the latest advancements in school furniture can help turn your classroom into the most productive learning environment. The FZA 48TRAP60LO activity table’s trapezoidal shape will provide students the ample workroom they require to succeed.