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Preschool Classroom Chairs: 5 Picks For 2020

Classroom setup has a big impact on how preschoolers learn.

From classroom chairs to storage cabinets, the solution is to create a fun, welcoming, and engaging atmosphere for your students to thrive. When deciding on which chairs to buy to fill your classroom, it’s important to make sure that they are appropriately scaled, so that the teacher can monitor the class with ease and engage everyone.

School outlet offers affordable seating solutions that are sure to make a difference in the classroom. Start the year off right, here are five picks for 2019.

Mahar Preschool chair

These colorful chairs let you be creative with how you decorate your classroom. Color code your rooms or choose to mix and match seat/back and frame in your choice of eleven colors.

This heavy duty chair has a ten year warranty that covers cracking or breaking on the chair seat or back and bending, breaking or rusting on the chair frame. In addition to that, the budget friendly, large, ergonomically designed seats and backs are injection-molded polypropylene which provides longer life than most hard plastics and prevents shattering upon impact.

ECR4Kids Bentwood PreSchool Chairs

These unique and comfortable Bentwood Chairs have curved contours for healthy posture. Feature a uni-body design made with multi-ply birch construction with vented backs, smooth rounded edges and non-scuff leg caps to reduce noise and protect flooring.

ECR4Kids Plastic Stack Chair

Looking for colorful resin chairs that are as sturdy and resilient as hardwood? ECR4Kids’ comfortable, one-piece, uni-body design chairs contour the child to promote healthy posture while elevating the mood of the room.

Every chair features a fade-resistant, thermoplastic construction of solid 100% Polypropylene that will not crack, chip or peel, as well as a vented back and smooth, rounded edges for safety.

Zuma 18″ Rocker

ZUMA 18″ Rocker is an elegant rocking chair with a moderate range of motion, appropriate for libraries, break rooms, reading nooks, or as a side chair in the classroom. Let your kids go crazy, this one is guaranteed to brighten the mood of any environment.

Jonti-Craft Ladder Back Chairs

Jonti-Craft’s Ladder Back Chairs have traditional good looks and are durable enough for your libraries and high-traffic areas. Each hardwood chair has an environmentally friendly, natural finish and rails that are spaced with kids’ safety in mind. Additionally, plastic glides won’t snag carpets or mar floors making them one of the most attractive choice from our collection.

Contact School Outlet for More Preschool Furniture Options

When it comes to preschool furniture, don’t go for the cheapest and disregard the features associated with them. Get the whole package, benefits as well as affordable options. Having the right furniture is the key to keeping your classroom safe, well organized and make sure that your students are productive.

Like any school professional, you are most likely working on a budget. Regardless of your resources, we are sure we can help you. Contact School Outlet by calling (877) 398-6449 or by visiting our website . We are looking forward to hearing from you.