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Preschool Classroom Chairs: 5 Picks For 2021

Preschool Chairs

The right chairs can have a huge impact on how preschoolers learn. Properly sized, comfortable chairs can improve posture, increase focus, and minimize fatigue, which can encourage engagement and creativity in your students. At School Outlet, we offer affordable preschool chairs from top brands that will help you create a productive and fun atmosphere for your preschoolers.

Virco Preschool Chairs

Virco Manufacturing is the largest manufacturer of classroom hairs in the world. We carry a variety of Virco preschool chairs at amazing prices, so you can give your students great seating options without breaking your budget. The Virco 9600 Series is the best-selling series in America, and we offer it at a 12” seat height perfect for preschoolers. We also have other popular series by Virco, including options with comfortable waterfall seat fronts, stackable chairs, and more.

Zuma Rocking Chairs for Preschools

The Zuma Series by Virco offers ergonomic support and eye-catching designs. Contoured backs and seats offer support where it’s needed most to keep students comfortable and engaged. The Zuma Series also includes rocking chairs perfect for all ages but especially for restless preschoolers. These chairs have a subtle rocking motion that can calm students and provide an outlet to those who feel the need to move.

Jonti-Craft Wooden Chairs and Chairries

We offer Jonti-Craft preschool chairs in traditional wooden styles. Wood chairs are usually more durable than their plastic counterparts, making them great for younger children who might be rougher with them. You’ll find classic designs with ladder backs that come in 10” and 12” heights to meet the size of your students and 7” options that will work well for toddlers.

Preschool Table and Chair Sets

If you’ve been searching for matching preschool chairs and tables, our selection of Flash Furniture sets is just what you need. The sets come with tables in different shapes like circles, squares, and even trapezoids. They include comfortable chairs at the perfect height for the table and your students.

Shop School Outlet for Preschool Chairs and More

School Outlet strives to provide you with the best school furniture at affordable prices. In addition to our selection of chairs, you’ll find other important preschool furniture like tables, art centers, rugs, and much more. Browse our full selection and find what you need to set your classroom up for success. If you have any questions or need help selecting the best preschool chairs and furniture, please contact us.