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Science Desks and Lab Furniture

In a well-equipped educational facility, science desks and lab furniture play a crucial role in supporting hands-on learning experiences. Lab furniture is versatile and effective equipment for facilitating student engagement and fostering a conducive learning environment — while maximizing safety.

At School Outlet, we offer an expansive selection of school furniture solutions to meet the diverse needs of your educational facility. This includes various sizes, shapes, and features, ensuring that you’ll find the perfect fit for your classrooms.

Our unique lab tables often come equipped with guarded table tops, making them useful as chemistry lab tables. Continue reading if you’re looking for durable, reliable, and affordable classroom furniture.

Science and Lab Tables

Science and lab tables ensure a safe, organized, and productive learning environment for your students. These desks offer functional and durable solutions that meet the unique requirements of science classrooms, promoting efficiency, safety, and student engagement.

By choosing quality lab furniture, you’ll provide your students with the necessary tools and resources to foster a love for science. This supports their academic success overall, and promotes proficiency in STEM subjects for the future researchers in your classroom.

These tables come in a variety of designs and configurations to cater to different classroom needs. Let’s explore three notable options:

  • VersaCurve Instructor Desk
  • ADA-Compliant Instructor’s Science Desk
  • “Add-A-Cabinet” Science Table

VersaCurve Instructor Desk

The VersaCurve Instructor Desk is a functional and ergonomic activity table. Its curved shape allows instructors to maintain better eye contact with students.

This promotes effective communication and classroom management. With ample workspace and storage options, this table enables your teachers to organize their teaching materials efficiently.

ADA-Compliant Instructor’s Science Desk

Accessibility is a critical consideration in educational environments. This Instructor’s Science Desk ensures compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Its drawers operate smoothly, rolling on epoxy-coated steel glides with nylon bearings. This table is specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair users, offering ample legroom and accessibility.

“Add-A-Cabinet” Science Table

The “Add-A-Cabinet” Science Table is an excellent choice for classrooms that require additional storage options. With integrated cabinets beneath the tabletop, teachers can conveniently store equipment, supplies, and other teaching materials. This feature promotes organization and reduces clutter in the classroom, allowing for a more focused and efficient learning environment.

Lab Furniture

In addition to activity tables, other lab furniture options contribute to a comprehensive learning environment. One notable example is the Trapezoidal Media Table with TV Mount.

The Trapezoidal Media Table with TV Mount combines technology and functionality. This creates an ideal space for multimedia presentations and group discussions.

Its integrated TV mount enables easy viewing, enhancing visual learning experiences. The trapezoidal shape promotes collaborative learning by facilitating group interactions and discussions.

Find Science Lab Tables for Your School at School Outlet

From classroom chairs to desks, we have everything you need to maintain a successful learning environment. At School Outlet, we’ve been providing classroom furniture solutions from preschools to the nation’s top universities for over a decade.

We offer a wide array of lab tables in different sizes and styles. Each of which varies in height and width to maximize the comfort of your learning spaces for instructors and students alike.
We continue to grow as a company by combining innovation with quality service. To find science tables that meet your budget and needs, reach out to our team today.