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Science Lab Tables

Every Science classroom deserves high quality Science Lab Tables so students can carry out experiments and lab courses equipped with the tools and resources they need to gain an enriching learning experience.

At School Outlet, we dedicate ourselves to providing schools and homes with classroom furniture so that you can have access to tools that facilitate learning. Explore our selection of science lab tables below to find the right one for your classroom.

Lab Tables With Storage

NPS Adjustable Science Lab Table – Chem-Res Top – Dual Book Compartment – 24″ x 48″

This science lab table comes with dual book compartments so that students can store away their notebooks, textbooks and school supplies while they work on their lab. Keeping books away from bunsen burners and the rest of the science equipment is a good idea. That way you don’t tip over any valuable gear or chemicals on your notes, the NPS adjustable science lab table can help you with that.

Diversified Woodcrafts Riser Table – ChemGuard Top – 54″W x 30″D

This science lab table has a riser table so that you can have a spread of various tools and equipment for your lab experiments and still have enough space to have notebooks, textbooks and other school supplies to write down notes or reference your textbook as you carry out your experiment.

Adjustable Lab Tables

NPS Steel Height Adjustable Science Lab Table, 24 X 48

This National Public Seating adjustable science table has a table top that resists most lab chemicals that way you can keep your classroom furniture in good condition for years to come. National Public seating is a recommended brand for science classrooms due to its durable quality.

National Public Seating Adjustable Science Lab Table – Chem-Res Top – Plain Front – 24″ x 48″

Adjust the height of this table to your students desired height, to make it easy for them to access their lab equipment and comfortable seating. This lab table has a chem guard top so that when chemicals spill on the surface, the table prevents from being damaged.

Mobile Lab Tables at School Outlet

At School Outlet we provide classroom furniture and equipment to make learning accessible and fun! Explore our complete selection of classroom furniture to equip your school with everything you need.
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