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Top 4 Student Desks At Wholesale Prices

Top 4 Student Desks At Wholesale Prices
Desks are one of the most important pieces of classroom furniture you will ever buy. This is where students spend most of their day. This is where they take notes on lectures, complete tests, read, write and grow. An investment in the right desks is an investment in your students. However, you need to balance what you want against the realities of school budgets that are spread over academic supplies, athletic and theater departments, and numerous other programs. That’s why your best bet is to find durable, sturdy student desks at wholesale prices. Let’s explore some of the top student desks available at wholesale prices.

  1. Wholesale Prices on Durable Student Desks: The Virco 785 School Desk

  2. Virco
    is one of the most trusted names in classroom furniture. These desks serve generations of students with their durable, laminated particleboard top and strong, adjustable legs. Many school floors become warped or uneven over the years, which can cause irritating rattling sounds that can distract students, not to mention wobbling surfaces that can make it difficult to concentrate and write. The adaptable nature of this desk has helped make it one of the most popular school desks in America.

  3. Create Cooperative Environment: Virco 785CT - Student Desk with Collaborative Top

  4. This collaborative desk is just right for letting students work together on projects. It’s shaped in a way to maximize usable surface area, which lets students lead each other, learn from each other, and grow together. Store materials using the plastic book box, which is perfect for weighty textbooks, or holding partially finished projects for working on later.

  5. Nurture Future Leaders with this Jr. Executive Desk: Work and Store Materials with this Desk

  6. This executive-style desk offers you a generous space to read, write, and take notes. The side-mounted book compartment is perfect for keeping notebooks, textbooks, and projects for future use. The hard plastic surface is perfect for enhancing focus, concentration, and productivity.

  7. Standup Desks for Better Concentration and Energy Levels

Studies show that standup desks can promote energy levels, concentration, and clarity. Not only that, you get to promote good posture, and the importance of physical activity. These standup desks feature a sturdy, even laminated surface, a storage platform beneath it, and an adjustable height to allow for a diverse range of people to adjust the desk to suit their needs.

Find More Top Student Desks with Help from Expert Wholesale Providers

School Outlet has helped educational facilities from preschools to university systems find student desks that create an environment of focus and productivity. If you want to learn more about student desks, the Virco series, or anything else we offer, contact us online or call us at (877) 398-6449. We can help you find desks, the perfect chairs to pair with them as well as a host of other classroom supplies such as white boards, laboratory and computer room equipment, art room furniture and supplies, and much more.
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765MBBM-  Desk, Junior Executive series, student desk, jr. executive, 20" x 34" hard plastic top  (Virco 765MBBM) Virco 765MBB - In Stock - Jr. Executive Student Desk with Book Shelf, 20" x 34" Hard Plastic Top for Classrooms and Schools

For a spacious work surface and storage area, this student desk features a colorfast, stain-resistant 20" x 34" Martest hard plastic top, a generous side-mounted book compartment and a molded modesty panel.

SchoolOutlet Price: $278.85
Virco 785CT - Student Desk with Collaborative Top Plastic Book Box Virco 785CT - Student Desk with Collaborative Top Plastic Book Box 33" x 20"

The 785CT is the most popular School Desk in America.  This NEW version includes a Collaborative Laminate Top with COLORED book box available in over 7 colors -- sure to add excitement to learning and teamwork in your classroom!

SchoolOutlet Price: $145.77