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The Virco 9000 is the best selling school chair series in America -- over 45 million sold! The 9000 Classic Series which have become a popular sight not only in classrooms nationwide but worldwide for all educational and commercial settings. They assist with helping kids pay attention to lessons and preparing for standardized testing.

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Virco 9018 Ships Today - 18" Seat Height - Chrome Frame - 9018-ASAP Virco 9016 Ships Today - 16" Seat Height - Chrome Frame - 9016-ASAP Virco 9014 Ships Today - 14" Seat Height - Chrome Frame - 9014-ASAP
Virco 9018 - 9000 Series 4-Legged Chair with Steel Back Support - 18" Seat Height  (Virco 9018) Virco 9016 - 9000 Series 4-Legged Chair with Steel Back Support - 16" Seat Height  (Virco 9016) Virco 9014 - 9000 Series 4-Legged Chair with Steel Back Support - 14" Seat Height  (Virco 9014)
Virco 9012 - 9000 Series 4-Legged Chair with Steel Back Support - 12" Seat Height  (Virco 9012) Virco 9010 - 9000 Series 4-Legged Chair with Steel Back Support - 10" Seat Height  (Virco 9010)

Classroom Chairs by Virco

We all remember listening to lectures in school, leaning back and scribbling in notebooks rapidly. Sometimes we would slouch forward while taking notes on the constellations, or reading along to an audiobook on an assigned novel. Other times we would sit stiffly while the principal would come into the class to listen in on the session. Our hands and feet would fidget with nervous energy, and that could affect our posture as well. We would need to move around without attracting the teacher’s attention, or without falling off our chairs.

These days, kids have more tools to help them pay attention; some classrooms allow for stim toys that allow students to focus on the material while taking care of the nervous energy in their hands. Even so, sometimes they need a little help when the newer strategies need supplemental support to encourage attention spans. That’s where good classroom furniture can step in and assist focus on the daily curriculum.

The right classroom chair can improve school ergonomics, or the study of student efficiency while learning. Obviously, you want your students to be comfortable and pay attention to the material. Kids’ growth spurts vary, and that can affect their sitting position if the furniture does not accommodate, leaving them to scrunch in their seats. You also want to make sure they improve their posture without you asking, and a good chair will encourage them to sit up straight.

Factoring in classroom cleanup and efficiency also matters for your furniture choices. Stackable plastic school chairs are lightweight; teachers and aides can put them away easily. You’ll want the most comfortable plastic chairs for this purpose so that your kids don’t go home with aches and pains.

Virco is the lead manufacturer for desks and chairs in preschools, primary and secondary schools. The company has been in business since 1950, focusing on servicing educators by making sure that students have a comfortable, convenient place to sit, take notes, and ace their exams. In addition to chairs, Virco also makes desks, bookcases, filing cabinets and customized work stations that display sensible structure for its customers. They want to increase learning potential, through good furniture design.

At School Outlet, we are proud to display their best models in our Virco catalog, so as to supply your classrooms with the best. Feel free to browse all the choices, and let us know how we can help improve your students’ posture with the right product.

Virco’s 9000 Series School Chairs

The Virco 9000 series is renowned for its unique 3-slot back design and its steel back supports making it one of the toughest most durable chairs available. They stack in neat piles, allowing for easy packing. During the most exciting school days, your energetic students will be able to sit back and relax. They also come with a ten-year warranty, which is more than half of a student’s career.

For the adorable little ones, who often have a lot of energy and a lot to learn, Virco 9010 Preschool Chair is a good fit that stands at ten inches, for children ages two to four. The chairs also come in twelve different colors, which assists in designing your classroom and school decor, especially for fun activities like arts and choir. Your students can sit comfortably for story time when they aren’t sitting cross-legged on the floor, or when they are reciting their ABCs. As they get older, the Virco 9012 School Chair will get them through the rest of kindergarten. When they learn to write their letters, 9012 will ease their comfort as they learn to read and write, putting letters down on paper in front of their teachers.

Virco’s 9000 Series School Chairs are durable and affordable enough to outfit all of your school’s classrooms. Let your students enjoy the comfort of the vented, anti-static plastic seat. The sturdy tubular steel frame features an attractive chrome finish and nylon glides that protect your floors from damage when chairs are shifted around the room.

Choose Your Virco Today

There is no time like the present to supply your classrooms with chairs for the right age. Sitting cross-legged on the floor with playmates is all right for storytime, but you want to provide good furniture for your kids.

School Outlet wants to provide the best for your students. The right Virco 9000 school chair can make all the difference in kids’ attention spans and comfort.Reach out to us today to find the right fit, and what discounts we can offer on bulk orders and shipping.