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How to Setup a Homeschool Classroom: Parent’s Guide

Wondering how to set up a homeschool classroom? At School Outlet, we have created this guide so parents can provide a space for productive learning to take place in the home. With the right kind of classroom furniture, you will be able to create a homeschool environment so that you and your children can be comfortable during this moment of transition.

Choosing the Right Room for Home Learning

Choosing a room where home learning is very important. We wouldn’t recommend choosing a room that often is used for eating or relaxing (such as the kitchen or bedroom) because children will later on associate that spot with homework and it will become harder for them to destress.

Homeschool Desk

We do recommend opting for neutral spaces or rooms in the house you don’t really use. If you have a TV room you don’t particularly use you can transform it into a homeschooling environment by removing the TV or covering it with a blanket and adding classroom furniture.

It is important to communicate to your children that this space has been transformed for the purpose of homeschooling and no longer for watching TV. This way when they enter the room they will know that the intention is to focus on doing homework or listening to the class lectures.

If you do not have an entire room to dedicate to home learning, you can find a spot in the house such as a corner in the living room or hallway to place a desk in so that your child can do their assignments every day in that same place.

Homeschool Furniture Essentials

Homeschool Classroom Desks

Homeschool White Board

The Junior Executive desk will give your children the confidence that they can work as effectively in the home as they do in school. It comes with a cabinet so that they can

Computer Desks and Chairs for Online Classesstore their textbooks, notebooks and the rest of their school supplies. We also recommend looking into activity tables. Activity tables are versatile and have a wide surface space so that a couple of your kids can work on it at the same time.

The Junior Executive Desk is perfect for online learning. This desk has storage space for a computer monitor and school supplies. The surface of the desk is ample enough so that your young one can have their computer on it along with an open textbook.

Whiteboards & Chalkboards for Homeschooling

Teaching your children from home means you’re going to need a whiteboard or a chalkboard in order to provide visual aid with the lecture. You can also have your child come up to the board and explain the lecture to you by drawing or writing, this can further reinforce their knowledge of the subject and give them confidence.

Shop All Your School Furniture Needs at School Outlet

No matter what it is that you are looking for to start you homeschool classroom at School Outlet we’ve got it. We usually provide classroom furniture for those in academia, but during these times of uncertainty, we must adjust and adapt. We are dedicated to providing you with all the tools necessary to create a successful learning environment.

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