Luxor AV Carts

Luxor AV carts exist to serve your school carts and presentations. They can carry heavy equipment, connect laptops and projects to make presentations easier, and store different types of power cords and electronics. These rolling carts also can last for a long time, which is perfect for teachers that have to manage audiovisuals on a regular basis, with dozens of kids in the classroom. As classroom sizes increase, so will the number of presentations and attention spans to capture.

Why A Luxor Cart

AV equipment makes teaching students by technology much easier. As we make advances in science and improve telecommunications, we want to assist students by using these tools to increase their ability to learn. Knowing how to communicate and create content on these devices can improve students lives.

Your priority is managing a budget and getting equipment for the long-term. Whats more, schools need AV equipment that will serve the purpose of You want to make sure that you dont have to spend money on the same equipment on an annual basis.

Luxor wants to make collaborative, functional furniture. The very name implies that it wants to deliver luxury to its customers, without the extremely high costs. In line with this mission statement, the company has done so for several years.

Engineers work to adapt designs to the modern classroom so that kids can learn and teachers can educate with comfort. They then deliver these products at affordable prices for any school budget. In short, you cant go wrong with this brand.

When you get a Luxor AV cart, you get a convenient luxury for the future. The carts deliver exactly what your school wants. Whats more, these carts can fit your budget easily, so you dont have to break the bank. Why not invest in the next few school years, and in your students growing minds?

Our Luxor Recommendations for Audio and Video

When you need lots of shelf space in a hurry, the Luxor Pull-out Front Shelf with Cabinet can assist you and your students. You can use the shelf to hold any laptop so that you can show videos or PowerPoint for any presentation. Assemble easily, and move around without a problem. Never fear any damage because the shelves are stain and scratch-resistant.

Need to hold a vast amount of supplies for art or science? Try out these Luxor Stainless Steel Carts for classroom projects. Use the locking brake for when youre finished moving around items or the cart. A raised edge will keep your items from spilling onto the floor while moving or standing still. The lifetime warranty guarantees that when you need to replace these carts, Luxor and School Outlet will be happy to provide the new models.

Find Out More From School Outlet

School Outlet wants to help you outfit your classroom. With changing technology, you will need recommendations for the curriculum, and how to deliver it with the changing times.

Contact us today to learn more about suitable Luxor AV carts. Lets get some audio-visual excellence into your classrooms!