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We feature Virco products, the most popular brand in America! Virco chairs are used in more schools and home schools than any other chair. From the ever-popular Virco 9018 to the new Virco Zuma ZU418 or the Virco 3018 hard plastic chair student chair, you will find a classroom chair that meets your needs.

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Student Chair

Some people have said that the days of the student chair are numbered, but weve long disagreed with this notion. There are still many comfortable chairs on the market, and that means that these chairs have an excellent long life ahead of them no matter what anyone might think. Theyre solid, durable, and, most importantly, useful in a classroom where some pupils could theoretically be somewhat rough with them.

All of those factors have helped to make the future of the student chair brighter than ever. Meanwhile, they encourage the chairs use in the education market.

At School Outlet, weve never doubted the flexibility of these chairs, which is why we stock Virco products. Vircos various chairs are found in more schools than any other chair around. Theyre famous for their hard plastic chairs. Branching out, Virco has also put together a vast selection of additional products that should fit into several various scenarios.

Modern School Chairs For Comfortable Seating

In general, school chairs have been sorted according to the age of students who sit in them, but many are suitable for a wide range of tasks. Thats why several distinct styles have arisen over time, which are popular with various types of classrooms.

More students gravitate toward an informal environment where they might end up staying at home. Thus, these chairs are finding a new second life in many other industry segments.

Virco 2018ELP chairs are a great example of a design that completely defies the stereotypes that many people have when it comes to school chairs. These come with a bit of padding and have long been looked at as chairs for teachers.

Like the Virco 9260PGC, Mobile task chairs come with padding as well though they also ship with rolling casters that make them especially attractive for those who run computer labs. Consider the importance of digital literacy in todays world. These are quickly becoming some of the more popular designs with those redoing areas within their classrooms. Theyre also ideal for a home environment.

Fairly recently, theres been a trend back toward the use of many types of traditional materials. One of the biggest of these has been wood, which is often looked at as a more environmentally friendly option for those who are working on reducing their carbon footprint.

Hardwood four-legged chairs and wooden tot chairs are great options for libraries or early childhood education areas. Theyre known for their durability and utility, Both are very important considerations when picking out chairs to use in these kinds of situations.

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Considering just how many different types of school chairs there are on the market today, youll want to be sure that youre investing in the right ones. Take a look at everything in the catalog and check the dimensions. Sizing chairs shouldnt be at all problematic.
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