Classroom Dividers and Partitions for School Classrooms

Room dividers and partitions are effective for any dynamic classroom setting. Partitions are a great way to optimize space and divide classroom activities. Children learn easily through association. Thus, selecting different spaces to learn different school subjects can facilitate learning processes.

Multi Functional Furniture

School Outlet provides practical school furniture for all your classroom needs. The brand Best-Rite supplies room dividers and partitions that have double functionality. Their partitions not only function as room dividers but also as whiteboards, markerboards and cork boards.

Natural Cork Partition

Best-Rite Porcelain - Natural Cork - 4' L x 6' H

This partition doubles as a corkboard meaning you can pin classroom announcements, homework, or school events so students can keep up with assignments and current events. Visual learners will appreciate this screen divider for they will easily be reminded and be up to date with classroom activities. You can configure multiple dividers and join your mobile boards to create a full-length classroom partition or bend them to craft a folding partition in any shape to suit your needs.

Best-Rite Dura-Rite - Natural Cork - 6' L x 6' H

This portable partition comes with wheels so you can move it around the classroom as needed. With this divider panel, you can divide space and create private settings on each side of the partition wall. If math and social studies classes are happening at the same time in different parts of the classroom, this can create confusion for the students. This is why it is important to have a folding room divider or portable wall such as this one to create separate spaces and block unnecessary, interrupting sounds.

Best-Rite Porcelain - Natural Cork - 8' L x 6' H

This Best-Rite partition is double-sided. You have a dry erase markerboard on one side and corkboard on the other side so you can both pin flyers and write. Cork is very popular amongst our selection of school partitions because they are sound-absorbing so two teachers can be conducting a class on both sides of the divider and still retain students attention.

Whiteboard Room Divider

Best-Rite Dura-Rite - Both Sides - 8' L x 6' H

This double-sided marker board functions as a free-standing room divider. It has a slat panel along the bottom so that you can have your markers and pens handy. This markerboard partition has wheels making it a portable room divider. You can easily drag it around the classroom as needed.

Best-Rite Markerboard and Fabric Double-sided 72"H x 36" W

This double-sided markerboard is a great partition for the classroom. The whiteboard is convenient for writing class notes and the fabric at the bottom is practical for attaching paper notes or artwork. Create walls, cubicles and other work or display areas with standard modular panels.

Best-Rite Platinum Lumina Room Divider- 72"H x 39 1/2"W x 20" D

Platinum Lumina divider for school classrooms features a magnetic dry erase board with wheels. You can attach notes with magnets and also write as you conduct the class. Each divider comes with 3 casters that lock together to form a larger classroom divider. Leveling casters is a simple process but if you experience difficulty please call our Help & Support department for information on how to assemble your casters.

School Outlet Ensures Customer Satisfaction

We understand classroom furniture plays an essential role in creating a positive school environment. This is why School Outlet is dedicated to supplying the best brands of classroom furniture.

If you have any questions or comments about a classroom partition or need assistance with assembling them, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly staff is always looking to lend a hand to our valued customers.