Portable Steps

No matter what kind of music program you manage, youre going to need to make sure that your risers and stages are all safe. Provide a solid set of steps to get up, and down the platforms, and be sure that youre offering your students the kind of support that they require.

By investing in stage and riser steps, youre adding to both the convenience and degree of security that your students need to succeed in their musical endeavors. At School Outlet, weve made sure to put together a collection of different styles of steps that should be useful for any sized school auditorium.

Portable Stage & Riser Steps

More than likely, youll also want to give some thought to weight. Depending on the specific type of performances your students are giving, you may end up having to move your steps on a fairly regular basis. Youll want something that has enough weight to remain stable but wont make it difficult to move out of the way in the future.

A full-sized 32″ riser step system might be the best for this kind of situation. National public seating constructs all of their steps from durable high-quality plywood and supports them with a full set of 14-gauge steel tubes. This frame should prove more than sufficient for an overwhelming majority of cases.

All steps attached to this sort of system clamp securely to the stage. This ensures that your students ascend the steps safely each time that they do so. That being said, the designers didnt just pay attention to physical safety. Several usability features make it easy to work with these sets all the time.

A set of additional glides help to protect your floors from scratches. Since the glides themselves are made from high-impact plastic, they should hold up to a fairly substantial amount of motion.

Those looking for something that offers multiple steps might want to look into the Amtab stage and riser system. Theyre designed to be used in conjunction with that manufacturers stages and risers, so theyre an excellent fit for anyone who might have already invested in a great deal of Amtab-branded equipment. Choral directors who find themselves refurbishing an existing installation will love the three-step system from Amtab.

In order to reach the largest potential audience, Amtabs designers have done their best to come up with a wide variety of different options. These should prove suitable for use with different heights of stages. If you occasionally work with more than one type of riser arrangement, then you might want to invest in multiple pieces of equipment so that you can be sure that youll never be without the right kind of steps for the performance youre orchestrating.

Keep in mind that some performances may require additional room. Having some extra steps will help you ensure that youre able to hold whatever kind of play youre looking to put on.

Portable Steps Take Your Event to the Next Level

Enhance your portable staging equipments safety and usability with portable steps from AmTab and National Public Seating. Constructed of heavy-gauge steel and slip-resistant polypropylene step surface. Click on the images above for more information.
If you have questions about which portable stage steps would be the best fit for your staging equipment, then use our handy online contact form. A member of our friendly customer service team will be happy to assist you.