Preschool Nap Mats

At School Outlet, it is in our belief system that the right kind of classroom furniture can enhance the classroom experience for your students, teachers and staff members. We see classroom furniture as the vehicle for learning and take pride in being able to provide schools with high-quality equipment so that education can be facilitated.

Nap mats are essential in preschools and daycares. Children get groggy after many hours of play, stimulating activities and physical exercise and need a nap in order to engage further with the rest of the school program.

Toddler Nap Mats For Daycares

Toddlers are extremely susceptible to bacteria and other infectious diseases, especially when their immune system is down. It is important to continuously clean rests mats, pillow cases, sleeping bags or nap mats by wiping it down, covering it with a sheet when in use and hanging them with a heavy-duty steel wall mount. This way you lower the chances of having your students catching the flu and having to miss school.

Our Mahar equipment will help you keep your classroom clean, organized and even optimize space! Explore our Mahar products below.

Mahar Supreme Hanging Nap Mat System


This wall mount will keep all your nap mats elevated off the ground free from bacteria and germs that could potentially infect your young students. Nap time should not be a hazard to children. Hang your nap mats with this supreme system in order to keep them uncontaminated. Hanging mat dividers are also available for sanitary storage.

By hanging your mats you will also be increasing the life span of your mats and reduce wear and tear, meaning you can reuse them for the following years if you take good care of them.

Mahar Nap Mat Sheets


By covering up their nap mats with a fitted mat sheet that you wash regularly you will be able to keep your classroom hygienic and reduce the risk of your students getting sick. Not to mention that your sleeping mats will have a longer life because they will be safe from dirt and external factors that could potentially damage the material. Made from quality vinyl, this sheet cover never looks wrinkled.

The benefit of the mat sheet, besides sanitary reasons, is that toddlers will feel warm and secure while they sleep due to the soft material. You can assign a sheet to each student as well to reduce confusion and lessen the risk of a disease spreading to other students.


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