Ergonomics plays an important part in todays classroom, which is why School Outlet is dedicated to identifying and meeting you and your students needs. With many school chair options, including various sizes, available, you can ensure your classroom is a comfortable and efficient learning environment. We pride ourselves on offering only the best school chair brands out there, including Virco, a leading brand in school furniture.

School Chairs For Classrooms

Virco Sled Based Chairs

Virco school chairs are the best selling chairs for students in the United States. If you have a dynamic classroom in which you rearrange chairs to make a circle layout or any other organization to keep the students interested and energized for learning, then this chair would be ideal. The sled legs make this chair easy to move around the classroom, without scraping the floor or making a screeching noise.

Flash Furniture Folding Chair w/ Tablet Arm

Tablet arm chairs allow the student to write, use their computers to take notes and draw. This chair is optimal for making the most out of your classroom space. Instead of having individual desks and chairs invest in this all in one seating. This chair is folding and comes with a tablet arm with enough space to function as a desk.

Jonti-Craft Stackable Chair

Stacking chairs makes the process of putting them away easy. Preschool teachers tend to incorporate a wide variety of activities that dont always involve sitting so you want to have chairs that are stackable which effortlessly adapts to your ever-changing environment.

Classroom Chairs With Armrests

Virco Tablet Arm Chair Desk with 18″ Hard Plastic Seat

School chairs with arms enable students to take notes during class. If you only provide students with chairs during a lecture they could easily drift off or get distracted because they are not engaging in a way that keeps them focused like transcribing important details of the lesson.

Comfortable classroom chairs are also important to keep your students happy and get them to pay attention. This Virco Chair Desk has a smooth seat and sturdy back support so students can write with ease.

Virco Premium Steel Steel Folding Chair with Retractable Tablet Arm Desk

This folding chair is convenient for storing. If you have a guest visiting the classroom you can easily pull this chair out of the storage closet, extend its legs and tablet arm desk and accommodate your visitor within a matter of seconds.

The benefits of having a flexible chair like this one is that you can be inclusive of everybody and make everyone feel like a part of the classroom in an uncomplicated manner.

Fulfill All Your Classroom Seating Needs At School Outlet

At School Outlet, we supply classroom furniture for Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, and High Schools. Teaching high school students has never been so easy with our versatile classroom seating options! It is our belief that the right kind of furniture can improve the academic experience of most students.

We supply everything from cafeteria tables to activity tables for game-based learning and chairs with alternate seat height! School supplies dont make the learning but they certainly do form an important function in academia. Buy with us today and reap the benefits of having high-quality classroom furniture in your school!

If you are unsure of which school desk or classroom chair to buy for your students, then please contact us and our friendly staff will help you find a student chair that meets both your needs and your budget.