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Classroom Storage

Classroom Storage Bins

LockandRoll Organizer Basic Storage System 26″ x 19″ x 40″

This storage bin is designed to safely store all your gym equipment. In this Lock & Roll Organizer, you can store basketballs, soccer balls, volleyball, toys, and more. Get two or more and combine them for larger projects. This gym equipment storage bin is mobile, which means you can move in any direction. This is particularly useful when you have to move all equipment back into the locker room in order to make space for the students to play sports in the gymnasium.

Classroom Storage Furniture

Young Time Super-Sized Single Storage Unit Three Shelf Ready To Assemble

This storage organizer is perfect for preschool students and for those looking for toy organizers. Playtime is essential for it is stimulating for children, teaching them organizational skills after they finish playing is as equally important. With this ready to assemble shelf organizer, you can help your students and children to develop themselves as independent beings by encouraging them to place their belongings back in the storage unit after playtime.

Hirsh Industries Book Carts

This book storage cart is ideal for libraries, classrooms, and offices alike. Store your books, textbooks, notebooks, and lectures in this Hirsh Industries book cart to keep all your classroom supplies safely stored and organized.

Hirsh Industries Storage Cabinets

Store all your classroom supplies into this durable storage cabinet with three shelves. This cabinet is multipurpose and can hold any items that are small to medium-sized. Whether you are a science teacher, literature professor or math teacher, this storage cabinet will be able to store any equipment, textbooks or books you need to safe keep.

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