Standard Fabric Room Dividers

Portable Room Dividers, Moveable Wall Partitions, Temporary Walls, and More

Whether you need to separate different groups of students for health reasons or you want to reduce the amount of noise made by a group of excited youngsters, there are many reasons to invest in room dividers. Accordion-style movable versions are very popular with those who run school and church events that have a tendency to split up into smaller groups.

At School Outlet, we also often see people from the hospitality and governmental markets who need this kind of division in order to ensure cohesion between individuals and sections of people who might be engaged in noisier activities than others.

Styles of Modern Screens & Room Dividers

Sound absorbing fabric partitions are now offered in a wide variety of different colors, which has enabled them to find their way into even the most formal of settings. At one point, people might have been concerned about the look and feel of room dividers if they were trying to keep a professional image.

Straight-wall Room Dividers from Fuerza are available in so many fabric choices, however, that you might even be able to order one in your school colors. Athletic department chair personnel might find this especially attractive for holding meetings behind a sturdy privacy screen.

Soundproof Room Dividers are a great pick for those who are in other extracurricular departments. Traditional classrooms that focus heavily on group work will find that these are more than likely a perfect fit for their surroundings. Different sizes are offered, so they should fit almost any room. Fine arts departments have adopted them in droves due to the fact that theyre a great way of providing individual practice areas for different ensembles.

Chances are that creative teachers will find countless other ways to incorporate them into their lesson plans. For instance, a language arts class could use them to divvy up students who are working on different pieces of a single dramatic work. Art classes could use them to give privacy to those hard at work on their next masterpieces.

Perhaps most importantly, theyre a fixture of individualized testing rooms. Students who have to take a test in the utmost of confidence need this kind of divider so that they dont hear anything from others or compromise their examination in any other way.

Portable Room Dividers, Moveable Wall Partitions, Temporary Walls, and More

Youll find the best prices on portable room dividers at School Outlet. Discounts are available for those who buy in bulk and for institutions who have to purchase a large number of room dividers all at the same time.
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