Cafeteria Tables With Stool Seating

Cafeteria tables with stool seating are the best option for dining in school as the pandemic changes academia. Unlike regular bench tables, the stools provide more personal space for students to sit and dine comfortably without worrying about whether or not they are conducting proper social distancing. Stools offer more floor protection, as these attached seats are less likely to scuff wood or concrete tiles.

With stool seating, reserving or blocking a chair between the students is also possible to ensure they are 6 feet away from each other. Keep your academic environment safe by equipping your cafeteria with our selection of cafeteria tables with stool seating.

Round Stool Cafeteria Tables

We have mobile options designed for durability, portability, and easy storage. Circular or oval tables can optimize lunchroom space, especially for smaller classes. They can fit more chairs and other seating arrangements while making allowances for social distancing.

AmTab Mobile Stool Table 8 Stools

Properly practice social distancing with the AmTab Mobile Stool Table with eight stools. You can place a skip me sign between each stool to keep students from congregating. Minimize the spread of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

AmTab Mobile Stool Table Elliptical 10 Stools

This mobile stool table has wheels, so you can move it as you see fit. Its torsion bars help stabilize it for longevity in opening and closing it, making it a solid option for folding cafeteria tables. This also makes it a straightforward process when storing the table when no longer needed. This mobile bench cafeteria table has ten stools and can seat approximately five students, making it a safe dining experience.

AmTab Mobile Stool and Bench Table Round 60″ Round Diameter

Mobile cafeteria tables allow for more portability and convenience, which is helpful during exam season. This table is unique since it features four attached stools and two benches. You can sit students on either bench or skip a set in between to follow the CDC guidelines for COVID-19. The high-pressure laminate top is practical for school cafeterias since you can easily wipe down the surface with soapy water or cloth to sanitize their eating areas.

Virco Cafeteria Tables

Virco Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table with 16 Stools

Equip your schools cafeteria with Vircos portable table, with ample seating for multiple students. The wheels will allow you to move around the table as needed. This is particularly useful when storing away your tables, mainly if your cafeteria is also used for community events.

This table is designed for elementary students (K 4th), given its lower 15″ seat height and dimensions. If you are looking for a table for upper-grade students, see the M Virco Mobile Stool with high stools, which maximizes your space while giving your older students more of it.

Virco Mobile Stool Cafeteria Table 27 17″ high Stools with 12 Stools

This stylish design has 12 stools with the option to select a unique color for the seat to personalize your school cafeteria with colors that resonate with your institution.

This table is intended for students in 5th grade and up due to its 17 seat height. It is easy to clean and move for storage purposes.

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