Science Tables

A good classroom environment will in turn create collaboration, which is a vital part of the process of STEM courses. Reconfiguring what the class needs are another valuable component of good science and STEM tables.

Science Tables

No science classroom is complete without lab tables. Whether you're teaching biology, chemistry, physics, or another type of STEM subject, you need to provide your students with a sturdy, durable work surface. At School Outlet, we strive to provide educators with the furniture they need to put together productive learning environments. Our selection of science lab tables includes a wide range of finishes, sizes, shapes, and features to meet the needs of your classroom.

Classroom Lab Tables With Storage

We carry a great selection of lab tables with storage that is perfect for any science classroom. The National Public Seating Science Lab Table w/ Book Compartment is great if you need a designated space for expensive textbooks. The cubbies on this table will keep books, notebooks, and other supplies safe from accidental spills and damage. The surface of this table features a chemical- and water-resistant laminate, making it ideal for chemistry rooms.

If you need more storage, take a look at the Diversified Woodcrafts Double Face Science Table w/ Storage. This table features a double-faced workstation that can fit four students. It not only has four book compartments, but it also has a cabinet with doors that lock. This provides ample space for storing important supplies like beakers, microscopes, or dissection tools.

Adjustable Science Tables

We also carry adjustable lab tables that will help with accuracy and versatility. National Public Seating Adjustable Steel Frame Tables resist most chemicals and feature adjustable glides. These glides can level the table, allowing students to get the most accurate measurements during experiments. These tables have steel corner braces on the legs so the workstation remains sturdy.

Diversified Woodcrafts Adjustable Height Riser Science Lab Tables offer amazing flexibility in a workstation. This science table can be quickly adjusted in height from 27 inches to 39 inches without special tools. They also feature a riser to provide extra workspace, and the wood finish is chemical resistant.

Lab Tables With A Variety Of Shapes

The shape of the tables you choose depends entirely on your needs. Take a look at the benefits of each tables shape.


Rectangular tables are a popular option for science labs because they can accommodate between two and four students, and they provide many other benefits. Rectangular tables are excellent for providing a classroom presentation, serving as a podium, or conducting a science experiment for the classroom to see and follow.

Rectangular tables provide an excellent work surface with ample room for students. For instance, a table with dimensions of 60x24 provides 14 feet of working space around its perimeter.


Circular tables are best suited for groups and students who can work together to do science experiments and other shared projects. These tables also encourage conversation and class participation.

You can also set a large number of students around a circular table due to its shape. A circular table with a four-foot diameter provides nearly 13 feet of space for students. Circular tables also provide space to walk around the room.


Trapezoid tables can work to your advantage because they can be used to meet a variety of classroom shapes and help to accommodate two or several students while giving them some extra space on each side. You can arrange trapezoid tables symmetrically or fit them together like puzzle pieces.

Whichever tables you choose, youll need tables that fit your classroom and your classrooms needs. Each of our tables is listed with its measurements so you can be sure to find the perfect fit. You can mix and match a variety of table shapes to create the perfect set-up for your classrooms activities. For instance, you can choose a rectangular table to show a presentation to the class and place several round tables around the room so that students can try their own experiments together.


Science labs and classrooms require durable tables to withstand science experiments, chemical solutions, temperatures, heavy items, and regular use. Science tables equipped with phenolic resin or epoxy resin tops, steel or wooden frames, or chemically-resistant tops are ideal. Lets take a closer look at the benefits of each one of these materials.

Phenolic resin provides a high-pressure laminate top, which is able to withstand most acids, stains, corrosives, moisture, and chemicals. This, alongside oak legs and aprons, creates a highly durable surface and sturdy table.

Epoxy resin is commonly used in the construction of aircraft, vehicles, snowboards, and more. It creates a highly durable surface like phenolic resin. Steel and wooden frames help to create tables that will remain in good condition for years to come. We use oak and maple, which are hard types of wood that are highly resistant to damage.

Whichever table you choose, each is equipped with rubber leg boots on the bottom. These help to protect the table legs from liquids on the floor, stabilize and balance the table and prevent skidding.

Acquire Affordable Science Lab Tables From School Outlet

School Outlet provides educators with the best value on quality name brands. We carry science tables in shapes ranging from classic rectangles to round circles to fit the unique needs of your classroom.

In addition to lab tables, youll find all the other classroom furniture you need, including seating, charging stations, clean-up sinks, and more. If you have any questions or need help selecting the right lab table for your classroom, please contact us, and well be in touch as soon as possible.