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Chair Desks

One-piece chair and desk combination units are efficient solutions to the challenge of furnishing classrooms. Chair desks for schools can encourage collaboration and comfort, especially for those returning from a long break.

These utilitarian pieces of furniture are engineered to be lightweight enough to move and store with ease, yet strong enough to serve as a reliable work surface for students of all ages. The laminated particle-board surfaces of the chair desks are designed to last.

When you are looking for a simple and comfortable study environment, you will find that our product catalog has a large selection of one-piece and study desks without chairs attached. From ergonomic desk chairs to long-term storage, you should be able to find what you need.

Chair Desks For Classrooms

You can never go wrong with chair desks whenever you have a situation that calls for individual seating and taking notes, particularly when students or participants do not have enough familiarity to sit around conference room tables. Some of our chair desk products can be folded for easy storage; others are lightweight yet very durable for daily use. Here are some of our most popular models:

Virco N2 Series

With these chair desks in your classroom, you will not have to worry about students complaining of back pain or being uncomfortable. These tablet arm-style chair desks have a touch of ergonomics plus a metal storage rack underneath; moreover, they are built to last and feature a handle on the chair backing that makes them easy to move around.

Options for colors include navy, wine, white, sky-blue, white or graphite. You can choose a laminated surface as an option. The tied-in arm has more durability with the structure.

Luxor Student Desk And Chair

This innovative furniture solution can be stacked for easy storage, and it can be easily arranged around the classroom thanks to its 16-pound weight. Luxor is known as a furniture designer that injects style into its pieces.

Each desk comes with a pencil holder, and retractable bag hooks for backpacks, pocketbooks, and purses. It arrives fully assembled, and the desks can hook together for logistical purposes. Encourage teamwork, while using a long-lasting Luxor student desk and chair.

National Public Seating Folding Chair Desk

If you are looking for a dynamic chair desk, this particular allows you to fold not just the desk but also the entire seat. This makes for easier storage. Of all chair desks in our catalog, this one is the most portable.

The particle board surface has a laminated top to protect it from damage. Choose a right or left-landed model, depending on which serves your student’s needs best.

Let School Outlet Answer Questions About Chair And Classroom Desks

School Outlet can provide the furniture that you need for a classroom, including school desks. Our desks feature durable material, with options for left-handed students.
At School Outlet, our sales specialists are standing by to answer all your questions about chair desks and other classroom furniture solutions. Please contact our office in case you have questions about our products or the shipping process.