Collaborative Learning Desks

Inspire your students to lead and learn from each other using these collaborative learning desks. These desks are designed for group learning so that students can interact with each other, brainstorm, and share thoughts with ease. They can also improve their social skills.

Collaborative Desk Options

Please view our selection of desks and tables for collaborative learning. We are happy to provide information about shipping times and assembly.


Moreco, as a brand, balances comfort with a budget. Their Economy and Hierarchy series focus on affordability for classes with large amounts of students.

If you want to stick with basic shapes that allow for group work, the MooreCo 9167X Essentials Economy Desk will serve your needs nicely. Steel legs will ensure that these desks last for a long time, and you can adjust the height for different grades. The Economy series retails the 9167X Essentials in four sets, ensuring you can furnish a classroom on a smaller budget.

The MooreCo 84390 Hierarchy Cantilever Desk allows for multiple configurations and desk arrangements. Choose straight, curved, or harmonic edges depending on your classroom demands. Adjust platinum or black bases for different heights, and add a wire book box to carry texts or workbooks during testing season.


Designed to allow students to engage productively with each other when the teacher appoints a time to do so, these Collaborative Learning Desks create a classroom culture that builds lifelong skills of effective communication and teamwork. Virco is our major desk brand for collaborative learning.

We can recommend the Virco ZHEX desks. The Virco CHEZ Zuma Student Desk Trapezoid Top for 6-Desk Groupings comes in three different color options. All are trapezoid shaped to optimize the learning space. As for durability? The particle board top can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear. Avoid any staining or chipping while reviewing a lesson plan.

Another series that we will always recommend from the brand is the Virco Molecule Series. This one goes for curves allowing multiple students to mingle and review material when pushing the desks together. In addition, the design will enable students to work individually during exams and quizzes. You can also order them with backpack hangers and appropriate casters, so no one has to rely on lockers.

One great option for collaborative spaces is the Virco MC2432BHC. It can come with backpack hangers, book boxers or racks, and extra casters for protecting the desk. A stainless steel frame maintains the portable glides, while the high-pressure laminate prevents stains and scratches from harming the desk.

Simplify Your Collaborative Learning With School Outlet

School Outlet provides portable, durable, and valuable furniture for every application. We have certainly prepared for your educational needs. From implementing the Smith system to supporting the Montessori school program, we aim to ensure you are ready for the next semester.

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