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  • Toddler Tables and Seats for Preschool Classrooms

    Toddler Tables and Seats for Preschool ClassroomsToddler Tables and Seats for Preschool Classrooms

    Toddlers need safe and appropriately sized seats and tables for a number of different classroom activities. You want to minimize the risk of accidents, making finding the right sized seating a key priority. You also need furniture that is easy to clean up after spilled craft supplies like glue and paint, or maybe a spilled juice cup. Not only that, you need furniture that is durable enough to handle a bit of banging around. To speak practically, as an education professional you want to figure out a way to stock your preschool or daycare center with furniture at a reasonable and affordable price that fits responsibly into your budget. Let’s take a look at some tables and chairs that can serve as simple furniture options for your facility.

    Simple, Fun Seating for Preschools: The Fuerza 1000 Series Chairs

    The Fuerza 1000 series offers colorful, mobile, stackable chairs designed to prevent the floor from scratching with some guards over the strong legs of tubular steel. These chairs are available in blue, green, red and yellow, making them a bright, fun addition to any daycare or preschool environment.

    A few important points:

    Top quality swivel glides.

    Safety-Tested and Proven to be Non-Toxic

    Stackable Chairs

    Plastic to Prevent Static Shock

    Easy cleansing and sanitation

    7 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

    Adult Supervision Recommended

    Small Tables for Preschools and Daycare Centers: Rectangle Preschool Activity Table with Heavy Duty Medium Oak Top

    These tables for preschools can make sure that you have a sturdy, solid and easy to clean surface on which your students may learn, play and create. These work well in almost any environment where you need a collaborative learning environment. The high pressure melamine laminate topped with thermo-fused elements for a strong, stable, lightweight table that will be easy to move, store, clean and use. This is one of the quickest and easiest furniture solutions you will find.

    Make Collaboration Possible: Eight-Seat Kidney Toddler Table

    Teach students or feed them a snack at one time using this toddler table eight-seat piece of furniture. These removable and easy to clean seating structures support up to 30 pounds. You can also keep your kids safe with the attached seatbelts. This is a great way to keep your kids all in one place for lessons, activities, discussions, and any other tasks you need to accomplish with them.

    How to Learn More About Getting Top-Quality Daycare and Preschool Seating and Tables

    As a leading supplier of top quality classroom furniture and goods to grades and facilities of all levels and sizes, School Outlet is confident we can help you find exactly what you need for a safe and secure and colorful environment where your students can thrive, grow, learn and engage with their world. Learn more about the options above and many more by getting in touch with School Outlet. You can reach us at (877) 398-6449 or contact us online to learn more.

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Two-Seat Rectangular Toddler Table.  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT2) One-Seat Rectangular Toddler Table 30"W X 24"L  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT1) Three-Seat Rectangular  Toddler Table  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT3)
Toddler Table Replacement Seat Belt - White  (Toddler Tables TOD-BELT) Toddler Table Seat Hole Cover (Toddler Tables TOD-TOD-SEAT-COVER) Small Toddler Table Foot Support.  (Toddler Tables TOD-FT55)
Four-Seat Kidney Toddler Table - Space Saver (27" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT427SS) Four-Seat Kidney Toddler Table - Space Saver (14" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT414SS) Four-Seat Toddler Table - Traditional (14" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT414)
Four-Seat Toddler Table - Traditional (27" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT427) Six-Seat Kidney Toddler Table (14" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT614) Six-Seat Kidney Toddler Table (27" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT627)
Eight-Seat Kidney Toddler Table (14" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT814) Eight-Seat Kidney Toddler Table (27" H)  (Toddler Tables TOD-TT827) Four-Seat Junior Toddler Table  (Toddler Tables TOD-4JR)

We offer toddler tables to fit your various needs, such as saving space, as well as one, two, three, four, six, and eight seat tables. SchoolOutlet also offers seatbelts and foot support, making our toddler tables the most efficient on the market. Our school tables are perfect for preschools and our preschool furniture and equipment are completely safe for your kids because they're made specifically for them.

If you are unsure of which toddler table to buy for your kids, then please call us toll free at (877) 398-6449 where our friendly staff can help you find a classroom table that meets your budget.