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Student Desks for School Classrooms

  • Combo Desks

    Combo Desks

    The classroom combo desk is a popular seating option that conveniently combines a chair with a desk. With combo desks, it’s easy to put together a clean, uniform seating arrangement where each student gets a comfortable, individual workspace. Plus, no more pushing in chairs every day or disruptive chair dragging noises happening during quiet times. At School Outlet, you’ll find the perfect combo desks to fit your budget, classroom and the needs of your students.

  • Chair Desks

    Chair Desks

    Managers of classrooms that need an efficient seating arrangement should undoubtedly look into chair desks. These combination desks are designed with mobility in mind. Each comfortable chair has the best material available for sitting and studying. They can also accommodate students with different educational needs, including room for regular movement.

    Combining the features of a chair and a desk can replace two pieces of furniture. This makes it easy to rearrange the seating layout of a classroom whenever necessary. One can also fit more people within an area, especially in larger lecture halls in higher institutions.

  • Collaborative Desks

    Collaborative Learning Desks

    Inspire your students to lead and learn from each other using these collaborative learning desks. These desks are designed for group learning so that students can interact with each other, brainstorm, and share thoughts with ease. They can also improve their social skills.

  • ADA Desks

    Science ADA Desks For Classrooms

    Few subjects are more crucial to student development than anything in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, or STEM. That’s why you need well-designed and practical ADA Desks for your science classroom. A student can calculate molarity or add buffer to an acid without injuring themselves and learning the material for a midterm or AP exam.

    These desks, designed with the American Disabilities Act regulations in mind, help all students and teachers with the material better. Check out more Science Lab furniture here.

  • Study Carrels

    Study Carrels

    Study carrels are necessary for any learning space, such as school libraries or university student lounges. They allow students to maintain privacy and reduce distractions from peers while reviewing textbooks, notes, and study guides. You can even allow students to personalize these spaces to ease those comforts.

  • Teacher's Desks

    Teacher’s Desks

    Teachers everywhere deserve an efficient and well-organized place from which to serve lessons. Teacher desks are the solution, with laminate surface options, additional bookshelves, and plenty of desk space. Consider which style matches your modern or traditional school settings with wood or stainless steel.

School Desks

Shop at for the best value in school desks for any classroom or training room need. We offer classroom desks with metal and plastic book boxes, open-front student desks, lift student desks, Jr. Executive classroom desks and teacher’s desks. And if your classroom requires a desk and a chair, you can select from one of our popular chair desks or combo units.

You will find all of our classroom desks come in different sizes and colors so you can find a desk that is right for your classroom. Most of our school desks offer adjustable height legs so the desks can be adjusted from standard 22″ – 32″ heights

School Desks For Every Student

Virco 751mbb Student Desk With Lift Lid And Metal Book Box, 18″ X 24″ Top

Optimize space and storage with the Virco metal book box. Lift lid desks provide students with the space to store their textbooks, writing utensils and notebooks.

This Virco model allows both students and teachers to remain in a workflow mindset. Students won’t have to go out into the hallway in order to retrieve books from their lockers. This can interrupt the class and the focus of the students.

Virco N2 Series Combo School Desk Laminate Top

Combo desks including an open front allow students easy access to sit and exit their desks. This Virco N2 series features an ample work surface for them to accomplish writing tasks with comfort.

Comes with multiple chair color options and desk laminate top material options to choose from in order to accommodate your school’s taste and style. The metal basket beneath provides students with the room to place textbooks and notebooks in order to have them handy for class.

Virco 9700br – Tablet Arm Chair Desk With 18″ Seat, 12″ X 20″ X 25″ Laminate Top, Bookrack

Tablet Arm desks allow students to rest their arms whilst writing. This writing desk features a wide-open front for accessibility and support. Metal basket embedded into chair legs to give the desk balance and provide students with storage space for classroom materials. You can alter the chair seat color to go with your school’s identity or logo.

Virco Zuma Student Desk, Trapezoid Top for 6-Desk Groupings, Book Box

This Zuma desk is versatile because it can be used as an individual desk or grouped together with six of the same model to create a collaborative desk and group learning layout. At the bottom of the desk, you will find a plastic book box that hangs below so students can have their materials accessible.

Group learning enforces leadership skills, team building and socializing in students. This desk is ideal for a dynamic classroom and for the teacher that enjoys their students to engage in group activity to enforce learning.

Teacher’s Desk w/ Drawers, 29.50″ x 47.25″ by OFM Mesa Series

Office desks and teacher desks like this OFM Mesa series are efficient and convenient for organizing classroom material and keeping office supplies neat and tidy.

This Mesa Series Features two locking drawers and a single center drawer to keep your exams, files, and papers safe and protected. Wide enough work surface to place a computer, writing materials, and scholar craft.

Student Desk Options

Our selection of classroom and teacher’s desks are available with a variety of options. Open-front book-box desks are an option for classrooms with modest storage needs. These options allow materials to be stored out of sight until needed. Junior executive desks are a larger option with more desk space and storage shelves instead of a single area. Group learning desks have trapezoid shaped surfaces for a more group-oriented class. There are several styles of combination chair-desks.

While most of these are a combination unit, the differences between the two are subtle. Desk-chair units are desktops attached to a four-legged chair. These have a tablet arm which allows the student to rest their arm while writing. There are options for both left and right-handed students. For a combination unit, the chair has two legs. The desk portion rests on two legs with a metal frame connecting the two. In a combination unit, both chair and desktop are connected to two legs and combined with a metal frame.

Teacher’s Desks

From Virco, we offer three different styles of teacher’s desks. The single pedestal, double pedestal, and the double pedestal box/file desks which have a few key differences. Though similar in design, both of these styles have a central locking mechanism and a metal frame. Combined with the high-pressure laminate top, which is available in four color options, and a black edge banding around the rounded edges, these styles are great for most classrooms.

The main differences between these desks are the desktop size and the added pedestal of the double pedestal desk. This desk is a 30″x60″ versus the 30″x48″ desktop of the single pedestal desk. Depending on your space requirements and workspace needs, either can be a great option.

The double pedestal box/file desk by Virco is a more modern and stylish version of the double pedestal desk. A laminate top available in four shades and the curved waterfall front adds to the appeal.

A built-in grommet keeps cords tidy for a more professional look and keeps desk space organized. Double box drawers and file drawers add extra storage space while the full-length panels along with the adjustable nylon slides lend stability on any floor surface.

High-Quality Furniture at Affordable Prices

At SchoolOutlet, we are committed to providing the best school furniture at prices you can afford. We are here to help you find everything you need including desks and ADA compliant classroom furniture, kitchen dining and more.

If you have questions about placing an order or need help finding something specific, let us know how we can help! Contact us here on our contact page and our customer service experts will help you create the best learning environment for your class.