3 Innovative Classroom Furniture Options for Schools in 2017

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Lately, American classrooms have been all about collaboration and comfort. It is not necessary for students to rely solely on textbooks and teachers anymore, because there are so many ways to learn in 2017. We gather these new ways under the umbrella of flexible learning.


With flexible learning, teachers learn to accommodate students different needs. Educators consider factors such as life outside the classroom affecting schoolwork, learning backgrounds, and pace when doing schoolwork.

Plus, students can learn from each other. Peer influence can have a strong positive or negative impact. Therefore, ergonomic school furniture, including desks, tables, and chairs, is what helps students right now in the school furniture sector. Anything that promotes group work and comfort in the classroom will make teachers jobs easier to educate children.

School Outlet focuses on the ergonomic, and also on the educational. We focus on providing both at reasonable prices. Our furniture promises comfort and practicality for your classroom.

The Basics: Chairs, Desks, and Tables

There is definitely room to be unique with classroom furniture, but its not always necessary, because many chairs, desk, and table options exist that allow for adjustments and maximum comfort. For example, Vircos 9000 Series Chair Desks are renowned nationwide for their ergonomic design. They also have durability for years on end, which will do wonders for your school budget.

Here are a few additional ergonomic and collaboration-friendly school furniture options currently available:

1. Virco Zuma Student DeskTrapezoid Top

Your #1 priority when buying school furniture should be to acquire furniture pieces that are comfortable for your students because comfort helps increase learning levels and students focus in the classroom.

One way to ensure every student is comfortable in the classroom is to purchase desks with adjustable heights. Virco has quite a few models that can assist with adjustments. These include Vircos Zuma Student Desk with a Trapezoid Top.

These desk options are also perfect for group collaboration because its trapezoid top allows multiple desks to be formed into circles of 6 or 8. They become hexagonal or octagonal arrangements, respectively, and can stimulate group discussions or participating in reading.

This desk is available in a number of hard plastic desktop options and colors. Each surface is stain resistant, and scratch resistant. You dont need to worry about any pen or marker stains.

2. Balt Economy Shapes Desk

Balts Economy Shapes Desk is another great desk option for group collaborations in school classrooms. Dont be fooled by their oblong shape; these desk designs assist right-handed or left-handed students. They also assemble easily, which will save time for maintenance crews, and come with a one year warranty from the manufacturers.


A number of these desks can be arranged to form groups of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10. These desks can stand alone for lectures and exams. There are 2 desk color options to choose fromFusion Maple and Grey Nebulaand the desks have adjustable heights for maximized comfort. The lack of conformity can nurture creativity, while the design and durability will make schoolwork easier for teachers and students alike.

Alternative Classroom Furniture

Every once in a while, students need to escape the confinements of their classroom chairs and desks and experience something different. Sure, thats why recess exists. But, there are also alternative classroom furniture options, like carpets, beanbags, and pods.

Why use beanbags or pods in a classroom? They can foster learning, relaxation, and mindfulness. If a student needs a time out, a bean bag makes a time-out less of a punishment, and thats just one example. Students sitting in bean bags for story times are less likely to fidget and more likely to focus on the story at hand.

The bean stuffing also creates a positive tactile sensation which how it changes shape to accommodate the students body. The stuffing also allows for students to stim, or perform a repetitive action to relieve tension, in a publically acceptable fashion if they need to stim.

3. Best-Rite Economy Shapes Modular Lounge

Best-Rite Economy Pouf Stools are a great addition to any classroom environment because they offer an alternative place for students to sit for reading and group work activities. Each pouf stool is a cross between a beanbag and a regular chair, showing stiff adjustments.

When a kid is sick of the desk and chairs, these stools can give them a break. Changing sitting arrangements can also reduce potential back pain for students in the long term since they spend six hours a day sitting at minimum.

5 of these poufs form 1 large section that can be used by 1 or several students during reading time or for projects or assignments requiring collaboration. If a teacher practices meditation, they can also lead relaxation sessions with their entire group. With story time, especially if a teacher is reading from a picture book, students can huddle closer to see the illustrations.

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