3 More Ergonomic Classroom Chair and Desk Solutions for Better Student Comfort

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In an ideal world, school furniture would be manufactured to fit every individual student perfectly. But, to do this would require a lot of time, money, and resources many schools just dont have; therefore, schools do the next best thing: they purchase well-built desks and chairs most likely to fit the majority of students.

This is where ergonomics come in. Students need to be comfortable in the chairs and desks they use in school classrooms. Otherwise, students are distracted by their lack of comfort and this can take away from their learning potential.

Chairs in school classrooms should be made from sturdy materials that support the weights of a range of students and provide as much comfort as possible.

Additionally, school chairs and desks should be the right height for students, so kids of every height and width can sit and write or read comfortably.

School chairs and desks are manufactured in a variety of heights and the heights are usually picked based on the ages of students in classrooms. Moreover, schools often purchase desks and chairs with adjustable heights to further accommodate students height preferences.

Virco 9000 Series School Chairs

Vircos 9000 Series is known as the best-selling school chair in America and for good reason.

These chairs are renowned for their 3-slot back design and steel back support. They are available in 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch seat heights, so they can be used in classrooms kindergarten through university level. Plus, Vircos 9000 Series are tough and long lasting.

Virco 3000 Series School Chairs

Vircos 3000 Series school chairs are built with contoured seats for extreme comfort and tubular steel frames for longevity and durability.

Chairs are manufactured in different seat heights to fit the various sizes of students as they grow and progress through school. Vircos school chairs are available in multiple seat heights and feature smartly designed seats and seat backs to provide ultimate comfort.

Virco 3000 Series school chairs are available in 12-inch, 14-inch, 16-inch, and 18-inch, which means these chairs can provide comfort for students ranging from preschool to college.

Virco 723 Series Student Desk with Laminate Top

In addition to purchasing school chairs of appropriate height for students in every grade level, it is important to obtain the correct height desks.

School Outlet carries a large selection of student desks, which are available in a variety of desk shapes, tops, and heights. Many of our desks feature adjustable heights, like Vircos 723 Series.

Vircos 723 Series student desks provide ample workspace with 34-inch wide high-pressure laminate tops and the legs of the desk can be adjusted between 26-inches and 34-inches high. The desks are built from tubular steel frames for sturdiness and feature nylon glides to prevent wobbling.

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