3 Reasons Why Virco is the Top School Chair Desk Brand in the USA

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Virco Manufacturing has sold over 45 million chair desks in the United States alone. Walk into any school classroom and you are likely to find chair desks made by Virco. But were not complaining. Virco Manufacturing is renowned for their classic 9000 Series chair desksthe tubular steel frame and the 3-slot back design. Virco is a dependable manufacturer and delivers high quality products every time.

School Outlet is a proud distributor of Virco school chair desks. Our company supplies Vircos entire selection of chair desks, which include the ZUMA Series, 2000 Series, 3000 Series, and 9000 Series.

1. Virco Has a Reputation for Sturdy and Long Lasting Chair Desks

Theres a reason schools across America love Virco chair desks. Theyre built to last!

Many of Vircos chair desks feature tough tubular steel frames, which are built to support the various weights of American children and students of all weights and ages. Virco offers a variety of chair desk styles and sizes in addition to providing customers with a wide range of color options and laminates.

The ZUMA Series

Vircos ZUMA Series chair desks feature tubular steel frames, one-piece molded polypropylene shells, and four non-adjustable nylon glides. Durably constructed, ZUMA chair desks offer occupants ergonomic support. They feature a convenient double-entry configuration, which allows easy seat access from both sides of the desk.

School Outlet supplies multiple ZUMA Series chair desks, including:

  • ZUMA Series Sled-Combo Chair Desk 19-inches by 25-inches hard plastic top
  • ZUMA Series Chair Desk 19-inches by 25-inches top

The 2000 Series

Vircos 2000 Series chair desks are classic and affordable. And theyve been best sellers for decades! Purchasers have the opportunity to choose between a laminate or hard-plastic work surface, and can add a bookrack if needed.

School Outlet sells a number of 2000 Series chair desks, including: 2000 Series Sled-Based Chair Desk 18-inches by 24-inches top.

World Famous 9000 Series

Vircos 9000 Series chair desk is instantly recognizable with its 3-slot back and tubular steel frame. Like its counterparts, 9000 Series chair desks are extremely durable. They feature injection-molded polyethylene seats, nylon-base swivel glides, a hard plastic work surface, and long-lasting steel frame.

Shop 9000 Series chair desks today with School Outlet. Our store features Vircos 9000 Series Sled-based chair desk 18-inches by 24-inches top, and more.

2.Virco Products are Made in the U.S.A.

Virco products are designed, manufactured, and assembled at Virco Manufacturing's state-of-the-art facilities in Torrance, California and Conway, Arkansas. Everything from metal fabrication to plastic injection molding is done in 1 of these 2 locations.

3.Virco Cares About the Environment

All Virco manufacturing processes abide by U.S. environmental regulations and the company cares deeply about the conservation and wellness of our environment. All materials used to build Virco products are purchased from suppliers located in the United States of America.

Shop Virco Products Today with School Outlet

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