3 Tips For Keeping A Clean and Sanitary Classroom

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3 Tips For Keeping A Clean and Sanitary Classroom
It may seem like summer just started yesterday, but the school year will be here before you know it. Most people focus on how much work parents and students have to do around this time of year, but people rarely talk about how much teachers must prepare as well. Teachers dont really have the summers off like most people think. They spend their summers making lesson plans, and spend their time before the beginning of the school year preparing their classrooms.

Teachers want to their classrooms to be fun, but they also want to make sure that its as clean as humanly possible. Aside from wanting it to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, you always want to try to keep away germs that so easily spread among little kids. It can be difficult to keep a room full of 20-30 kids clean and organized, but it is possible with the right planning.

Always have disinfectant wipes handy
Cheap disinfectant wipes can be a teachers best friend, especially around cold and flu season. Did you have a kid sneeze on their desk? A quick swipe with a disinfectant wipe can help keep germs at bay (and help calm down the kids about how gross it was). Is there a flu outbreak going around the school? Give your doorknobs a quick swipe at the beginning and end of each day. They can also help easily clean up any spills and messes.

Create an end of the day routine
The easiest way to keep a classroom clean is to get your kids involved in the clean up. Set aside 5-10 minutes at the very end of the day to clean up the classroom. Make a rule that everyone has to stop what theyre doing at the set time, and start their chores. Keep a rotating schedule of different groups to ensure that nobody has always ends up doing the same job, and to also ensure that everyone gets to learn exactly what it takes to keep their classroom clean. You can request that they simply clear them of paper, pens, and other school supplies, or have them wipe off their desks and school chairs with a rag and disinfectant.

Institute a hand washing policy
Germs and viruses can spread easily among kids, especially kids that spend the day touching everything around them. You can disinfect your classroom to try to keep it clean, but if you want to really ensure that your classroom stays clean and healthy, make sure that your kids wash their hands. Have them wash their hands before lunch, and after they handle classroom toys, art supplies, or books.