3 Top Selling School Desks For Group Learning

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Learning DesksIf you are looking to create an environment more conducive for group learning, investing in cooperative learning desks or two-pupil desks can help support your classroom endeavors. These two types of school desks can better facilitate classroom discussions, encourage group activities, and create a more open, friendly classroom. Here are some of the top selling school desks for group learning worth checking out today.


Cooperative Learning Desks that Inspire Your Students to Lead and Learn

1. Vircos ZUMA Student Desk with Trapezoid Top for 6-Desk Groupings

The ZUMA collection from Virco is a top-notch, award-winning line from a leader in the school furniture industry. This cooperative learning desk supportive of 6-desk groupings comes with many great, thoughtful features, including:

  • Adjustable-height options between 22" and 32"
  • A hard, durable, colorfast Martest plastic top that is resistant to stains and chips
  • Backpack hangers



This Virco desk is designed in such a way that six of these models can be arranged in a six-foot diameter group learning configuration.

2. Vircos ZUMA Student Desk with Trapezoid Top for 8-Desk Groupings

For larger classrooms or for teachers looking to further encourage diverse group engagement, Vircos student desk for 8 desk-groupings is the choice for you. It comes with many of the same noteworthy features as the other item in this product line, but instead enables groups of 8 to be formed in your classroom. Both variations in the ZUMA line are favorites among teachers across the country to allow students to converse productively when the time comes to do so. Cooperative learning desks help teachers everywhere create a classroom culture that develops communication and teamwork skills that will last a lifetime.

Two-Pupil Desks that Support Classroom Activities

3. The Virco 878 - A Double Student Desk with Dual Open Front Book Boxes

Two-pupil school desks make it easy to encourage group learning on a regular basis, and as a side benefit work well for classrooms tight on space. The Virco 878 is the premier choice for many teachers. It has been a staple in classrooms for decades. This reliable, durable two-pupil desk has proven to stand the test of time. This heavy-duty desk comes with twin book boxes excellent for storage, and many great features, including:

  • An extra-large high-pressure laminate surface, a particleboard core, and a backing sheet to prevents warping over time.
  • Vinyl T-molded edges to prevent bumps and nicks.
  • Welded heavy-gauge tubular steel frame for extra strength.
  • Two tubular steel braces are welded to the legs for additional strength and stability.
  • Convenient, adjustable steel-base glides that can be customized from 22" to 30" with every inch in between.
  • Adjustable swivel glides that can be customized to level desks on uneven floors.
  • A 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Purchase High-Quality School Desks to Better Support Group Learning

Fostering group learning is an important task for any teacher looking to impart on children long-lasting communication and collaboration skills. Ordering well-made cooperative learning desks or two-pupil desks from School Outlet is a decision we know you wont regret. We sell only the best brand names and school desks available in America today. Our prices cant be beat either. If you have any questions about which type of desk is best for your classroom, dont hesitate to reach out to us at 877- 398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.