4 Best School Chairs of 2021

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At School Outlet we pride ourselves in our extensive collection of school chairs and school furniture provided by the best brands in the United States. Those classic blue chairs you see in almost every institution, are the world renowned Virco brand, which we proudly carry. We make school furniture accessible with our online store, so that those in the realm of academia can easily gather the tools for their institutions success.

Our mission is to equip schools with high quality school furniture so that learning can take place in a comfortable and lucrative environment. Explore our best school chairs of 2021 below and choose the one that best suits your classroom needs!

Classroom Chairs

  1. Virco 9018 School Chair 18″

These Virco School chairs are the ultimate classic. You've probably seen them often in both public and private schools, they are known and loved for being high quality and long lasting. We appreciate its durable quality; you can utilize them in every learning environment for years to come and accommodate students generation after generation.

This seating option is perfect for students in high school or college. For elementary school classroom seating options discover our Virco 9016 School Chair with 16″ Seat Height.


2. Virco N2 Series Mobile Task Chair XL Seat

    This student chair is easy to clean due to its plastic seat shell and easy to move thanks to the wheels attached on each leg. This makes it ideal for those who have dynamic classrooms in which you often move around the classroom furniture to make space for activities.

    These Virco N2 Series mobile task chairs provide phenomenal lumbar support so that your students can feel comfortable while they sit in lectures or work on their classroom activities.

    3.Virco 2018ELP 2000 Series 4-Legged Padded/Upholstered Chair 18″

    You can easily stack these chairs and get them ready for storage because of its slim features and design. This is particularly useful for preparing for assemblies, graduation and moving on ceremonies. This kind of flexible seating contributes to an adaptable learning environment, which could lead to saving money on classroom furniture.

    4.Virco ANTASK18 Analogy Series Mobile Task Chair 16″ 20″ Height

    This makeshift office chair comes with the adjustable height feature to accommodate students throughout their growth. You can utilize this mobile task chair for science labs, computer labs, and more!

    We hope you have found this guide helpful in assisting you find the best chair for your classroom. Each classroom is different and we understand sometimes teachers need specific chairs to serve their students needs. At School Outlet, we are happy to be a source for teachers, staff and students alike to find the school furniture they require to have a pleasant learning experience.

    If you have any questions or need help finding a specific product, don't hesitate to reach out. Contact us and our team of experts will be happy to assist you.