4 Highly Rated Chemical Resistant Science Tables for Science Classrooms and Labs

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For science classrooms at middle schools, high schools, and universities, its important to have workstations capable of resisting moisture, harsh chemicals, and any substance likely to come their way. But, every science classroom is different from the next; therefore, there is a lot of different science furniture available. Here are a few of School Outlets top-rated chemical-resistant science classroom and lab tables:

1. Diversified Woodcrafts Metal Science Tables

These metal science tables by Diversified Woodcrafts are the best basic, chemical-resistant science tables currently available. Choose from a wide selection of table dimensions and adjustable height ranges.

2. Diversified Woodcrafts Octagon Lab Workstation

From Diversified Woodcrafts large selection of science tables, you can choose from the following tabletop options: ChemGuard or Chem-Res Laminate, Plastic Laminate, Phenolic Resin, and Epoxy Resin. The Octagon Lab Workstation from Diversified Woodcrafts is available in a solid phenolic or epoxy resin top. Phenolic Resin can withstand low temperatures and is lightweight, which means it is easy to ship. Epoxy Resin can withstand high temperatures and is typically very expensive to ship. The tabletop you choose should depend on how the table will be used in its expected environment.

3. National Public Seating Science Table

School Outlet carries a selection of science tables manufactured by National Public Seating (NPS). These tables are available from School Outlet in a variety of table dimensions and heights. Science Tables from NPS are sturdily built and feature rubber leg boots to protect the oak from spilled chemicals. The Available tabletops School Outlet carries include Solid Phenolic Laminate and Chem-Res Laminate.

4. Shain Stainless Steel Work Table

School Outlet offers customers tables completely made from stainless steel, like Shains Stainless Steel Work Table. This table supports up to 500 pounds and it can endure any task, including science experiments. A great option for teachers who need to frequently demonstrate science experiments check out Shains Stainless Steel Work Table on School Outlets virtual school furniture store today.

Find The Chemical Resistance You Need With School Outlet

Shop School Outlet today to find the chemical-resistant science tables you need. View our full selection of high-quality tables manufactured by Diversified Woodcrafts, NPS, and Shain, and take your pick from a number of styles and materials. If you have questions regarding which table or tabletop is ideal for your science classrooms, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Call School Outlet at 877-398-6449 or fill out our online contact form.