4 Preschool Activity Tables for Group Learning

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Four Preschool Activity Tables for Group Learning

Preschool is an exhilarating and inspiring time in childrens lives. They are immersed in a highly social world from the moment they start school. This social world includes not only people such as parents, siblings, teachers and classmates, but also objects and values that are part of their culture. Preschool institutions should take a closer look at their classrooms. Do they inspire the students to learn not only individually but collectively? Do the furnitures brighten the room as well as the mood? Those aforementioned factors are crucial to a childs cognitive growth and development. School Outlet is a school furniture specialty company supplying quality furniture for your classrooms. The choice of shape and size are entirely up to you and your budget. Lets explore some activity tables ideal for preschool group learning exercises.

Fuerza's Rectangle Preschool Activity Table

Fuerza's versatile 4000 series activity tables are at your service in a number of different sizes. Sturdy, durable, and adjustable height, these tables are especially great for collaborative learning environments. Tops are made of a high quality high pressure laminate finish for easy cleaning. Don't buy inferior thermo-fused melamine laminate topped activity tables which have a shorter service life and are easier to chip.

Jonti-Crafts Round Preschool Activity Table

This round preschool activity table is a good choice for your classroom because of its kid- friendly features. Designed to withstand heavy daily use, the rounded edges wont scratch arms and legs, while thermo-fused edge banding cant be picked off by bored students. Choose from a selection of attractive colors to best fit your classroom.

Jonti-Crafts Octagon Preschool Activity Table

Another interesting selection from the renowned brand. The octagon preschool activity table offers plenty of room for up to eight students to work on lessons, create art projects and more. Teachers looking for a way to get their students to work collectively will benefit immensely for these tables not only inspire but encourage group learning.

Jonti-Craft science activity tableThe Science Table

Appeal to your preschool students' scientific side with the science activity table from Jonti- Craft. This hexagonal activity table includes mirrors, magnets and magnifiers that will keep youngsters' curious minds interested. The recessed storage cubby holds science supplies, toys and accessories, keeping them within easy reach. Additionally, this activity table has an attractive wood finish to complement the dcor of any preschool classroom.

Class Is In Session

Regardless of your situation, our classroom tables cater to your student's specific needs. Our activity tables for kids and toddlers are made from a variety of materials, such as wood, steel, and plastic. Ergonomics is important in the classroom, which is why we offer only top-quality brands to keep you and your students comfortable during long school days. We also offer shapes to fit your every need, including rectangles, circles, and more. If you are unsure of which activity tables to buy, then please call us toll-free at (855) 672-3858 where our friendly staff can help you find activity tables that suits your budget and needs.