5 Lunch and Cafeteria Table Varieties

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5 Lunch and Cafeteria Table Varieties

School lunchrooms sure have changed a lot over the years. Chances are that your cafeteria doesnt look like one would have decades ago because there have been a lot of advances in the field of furniture. Take a look at these top five picks from School Outlet. You should be able to find something that should work well with your floor plan and the number of students you have to feed.

School Lunch Table Options

1. Stool Style Seating

Some have recently been calling stool-style cafeteria seats the best option because they provide plenty of personal space. Since you cant move the stools around, youre not going to have students infringe on the space of others either. Theyre fairly sanitary and theyre even relatively mobile.

Many school options are mounted on casters that allow faculty to move them around the lunchroom if at all necessary. You dont even have to purchase chairs to go with them since they include everything that someone needs to have lunch.

2. Bench Style Seating Tables

Bench seating attached to cafeteria tables is probably the most traditional type of arrangement possible. Students are able to seat themselves along with the benches that follow the ends of these tables, which helps to ensure that theres enough space for everyone.

Assuming everyone is positioned correctly, its not hard for them to get up and out of their seats without disrupting whoever is next to them. Those who use the cafeteria as a student union or study hall later in the day can even get these tables to pull double duty.

3. Mobile Tables Without Seating

Do you prefer something a little more basic without attached benches? These are perfect for situations where the cafeteria is already providing chairs of some sort.

Mobile tables are extremely easy to move because they fold up in the middle without any concern for other attached pieces of furniture. This makes them one of the best bets for those who have to move all of the tables out of the way to use the lunchroom for other purposes.

4. Convertible Bench Tables

Whether youre planning on moving tables or not, having convertible benches will make reconfiguring the lunchroom much easier. These are simple to work with and your faculty can put them out in whatever pattern they find most useful for the current situation.

Some schools end up relying on them for activities for versatility. Theyve also found their way into use for student unions and similar activities.

5. Cafeteria Tables

Traditional food court-style cafeteria tables are popular in secondary and higher education, though theyre finding their way into the primary education market as well. These have an upscale feel that also makes them useful for libraries and other areas in addition to the lunchroom.

Mix and match tops with different bases so you can get exactly the look and feel of furniture that fits your lunch rooms needs. Creative users might even invest in different colors.

Match Your Lunchroom Tables With Other Furniture From School Outlet

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