5 Tips to Caring for Cafeteria & Lunch Room Tables

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5 Tips to Caring for Cafeteria & Lunch Room TablesKeeping your cafeteria or lunch room tables in tip-top shape is often not easy, but your items will remain effective for a longer period if you properly maintain them. Here are five tips for caring for your cafeteria and lunch room tables.

Use the Correct Cleaning Materials

Tables usually have cast iron or steel legs, while some may have solid wooden legs. To maintain your tables, you must clean them regularly, and with the right cleaning materials.

With metal, you can use a clean, soft cloth with warm soapy water. With wood, you should never apply water directly you will only soften and warp the wood. Use a moistened towel instead and make sure you remove any dampness immediately. Never use harsh chemicals such as bleach or solvents.

Check Your Joints

No, not your knees! If tables are used frequently then the chances are that connections and joints can work themselves loose. Weak joints will add pressure to the base and may cause damage and instability.

To prevent this from becoming a real problem flip your tables once every couple or months or so and check that all connections and joints are firm and tight.

Bring External Tables Indoors

If your cafeteria or lunch room is in an area with a warm climate, then the chances are you may have an external area that students can use if they prefer to take their meals outside. Tables in this area are exposed to the ravages of direct sunlight and other elements, which means they will age at an accelerated rate as opposed to their internal counterparts.

To lengthen the lifespan of such tables it's important to bring them inside as often as possible when not in use, and to never leave them outside overnight.

Repair Damage Immediately

Tables in cafeterias are prone to scratches and chipping. If you notice any bad or deep scratching or chips to the base, it's important that you make repairs as quickly as possible. If left unresolved, such damage will only get worse and may cause further issues that could lead to more expensive fixes down the road.

Choose Quality Products From the Start

The old adage buy cheap, buy twice certainly applies to cafeteria and lunch room tables. You may be tempted to go for the less expensive option to save money in the short term, but such items are usually poorly constructed and are more than likely to be made using cheaper materials.

If you make a sound investment with high qualify items in the first place, your tables will last much longer, and caring for them will be so much easier.

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