A Review of the Classic Virco 785 Open Front School Desk

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A Review of the Classic Virco 785 Open Front School DeskWhen 1 school desk is considered the most popular school desk in America, theres a reason for it, or several. The 785 Open Front School Desk from Virco is a favorable school desk option in the United states because it has a number of desirable features and benefits, including: a high-pressure laminate top to prevent scratching and vandalism, adjustable legs for modifiable height and maximum comfort, and an easily-accessible plastic book box for convenient storage. On top of it all, the Virco 785 Open Front School Desk is affordable.

The High-Pressure Laminate Top

Its undeniable: kids get bored in class. Also, accidents happen. Thats why its important for schools to have desks that can resist abuse, like abrasions and doodles, whether its on purpose or accidental. The 785 Open Front School Desk successfully deters vandalism and abuse with its high-density particleboard core and high-pressure laminate work surface.

The desk has ample workspace and its dimensions are 18-inches by 24-inches.

The Plastic Book Box

Vircos 785 Open Front School Desk is convenient with its open-front plastic book box. Students can easily access their books and other belongings that are stored inside the box, and its a quiet operation, because desktops dont have to be lifted at all. This eliminates noise caused by desktops slamming shut.

The Adjustable Legs

Maximum comfort for students in classrooms is of upmost importance. Vircos 785 Open Front School Desk features adjustable legs so the height of the desk can be adjusted to accommodate different people. The legs are modifiable in 1-inch increments ranging between 22-inches and 30-inches.

The Nylon Based Swivel Glides

On the bottom of the desk legs, there are nylon based swivel glides. 1 of the glides adjusts to ensure level operation on uneven floors.

The Warranty

Virco offers a 10-year manufacturers warranty for their 785 Open Front School Desk.

The Most Popular Desk in America

The 785 Open Front School Desk is durable, convenient, and provides maximum comfort for students of varying sizes. Now you can see why these desks are the most popular student desks in the nation. In addition to the laminate top, plastic book box, adjustable legs, and swivel guides, the 785 Open Front Desk by Virco is inexpensive.

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